Definition noun, plural: amyloplasts (botany) A kind of leucoplast found in the cytoplasm the a plant cell, and serves together storage organelle that amylopectin Supplement Plastids room organelles involved in the synthesis and storage that food. Lock are uncovered within the cell of photosynthetic eukaryotes. In plants, plastids may construct into this forms: (1) chloroplasts, (2) chromoplasts, (3) gerontoplasts, and also (4) leucoplasts. Leucoplasts are colourless plastids since they absence pigments. Their function is primarily for storage. Depending upon the contents of the leucoplasts, they may be amyloplasts, elaioplasts, proteinoplasts, or tannosomes. Amyloplast is a leucoplast the is primarily connected in save starch and detecting gravity. Together for save starch, the amyloplasts transform glucose right into starch through polymerization the glucose and store the starch grains in the stroma. Most of the amyloplasts have the right to be discovered in secret storage tissues of plants, such together potato. The amyloplasts, though, deserve to turn into chloroplasts, such as watched in potato tubers that are exposed come light. They come to be green as the amyloplasts convert into chloroplasts. Together for detecting gravity, the amyloplasts space able come perceive gravity (gravitropism). This amyloplasts involved in gravitropism are described as statoliths. Word origin: Gk ámylon (starch) + Gk plastós (formed, molded) See also:


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