Area and Perimeter space two necessary concepts. Sometimes, the ax "Area" is perplexed with "Perimeter". They both are totally different. The area is defined as the lot of an are occupied by any type of two-dimensional shape. Perimeter defines the border or summary of a level shape. The techniques of measure up area and perimeter are fully different. Let us talk about the an essential differences in between these two crucial terms. 


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Definition of Area
2.Definition of Perimeter
3.What is the Differences between Area and also Perimeter
4.Area and Perimeter Formula
5.Solved instances on Area and also Perimeter 
6.Practice questions on Area and Perimeter
7.FAQs top top Difference between Area and also Perimeter

Definition of Area

Area is characterized as the amount of an are that is inhabited by any shape, object, or level surface. The total variety of square units that deserve to fit into a form or an object or a flat surface specifies the really area. The principle of detect an area can easily be construed by utilizing a square grid paper. The total number of unit square attached in the figure gives the area of the figure. For example, the blue square occupies 9 squares, which way the area of the square is 9 square units. In actual life, we use the concept of area to find out the quantity of space that is to be painted in a wall, the size of a room, the space in the floor the a room the is come be covered by tiles, making a lawn at the backyard and so on. 


Definition of Perimeter

The indigenous "perimeter" is derived from the Greek indigenous "Perimetron". "Peri" means "around" and "Metron" means "measure". The perimeter the a shape is calculate by including up the length of every the sides or by measuring the external boundary the a shape or an object. Some real-life supplies of the perimeter space to know around the size of a photograph frame, size of a lawn the for i m sorry we must put a fence. Perimeters of little objects have the right to be discovered by acquisition a cable or a thread around the object because that which perimeter is to be found. In the situation of polygons, your perimeter have the right to be discovered by including up the political parties of the polygon and expressing them in the offered units. The number given below shows the perimeter the a square, i m sorry is 20 units.


What is the Difference Between Area and Perimeter?

The adhering to table lists the crucial differences between area and also perimeter.

Area Perimeter
Area describes the space occupied through a shape or an item or a surface.Perimeter refers to the measure up of the length of the overview or boundary of a shape, things or a surface.
Area is measured in square units. For example, if the dimensions room in inches, climate the area is expressed together square inches.Perimeter is measured in linear units. For example, if the dimensions room in inches, climate the perimeter is expressed together inches. 
Example: Area of a square park is next of the park × next of the park or side2Example: The perimeter of the square park is the sum of every the 4 sides of the park or 4 × side.

Area and also Perimeter Formula

The table given below lists some necessary formulas for the area and also perimeter that some common shapes.

ShapeArea (square units)Perimeter (units)
Squareside × side4 × side
Rectanglelength × width 2(length + width) 
Equilateral Triangleside + side + side (1/2) × base × height
Parallelogram2 × (sum of two parallel sides) base × height 
Rhombus4 × side (1/2) × diagonal 1 × diagonal line 2

Topics concerned Area and also Perimeter

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Solved Examples on Area and also Perimeter


Example 1: uncover the area and also perimeter of a square with a side length of 7 units.


Area of a Square = (side × side) square units. The side of the square = 7 systems (given). Therefore, area the square = 7 × 7 = 49 square units. Perimeter that a Square = (4 × side) units. The next of the square = 7 units. Therefore, perimeter the the square = 4 × 7 = 28 units.

Example 2: The size of a rectangle-shaped carpet is 21 units. Its area is 210 square units. Uncover the width of the carpet and also the perimeter that the carpet. Solution: Area that a rectangle = (length × width) square units. Given, length of the rectangular carpet = 21 units and also area = 210 square units ⇒ 21 × width = 210 ⇒ width = 210/21. Thus, the width of the rectangle-shaped carpet= 10 units.

Now, Perimeter of a rectangle = 2(length + width) units. Given: size of the rectangle-shaped carpet = 21 units and also width of the rectangle-shaped carpet = 10 units. Substituting the worths of length and also width in the formula we get, perimeter = 2 (21 + 10) = 2 (31) = 62 units. Therefore, the perimeter that the rectangular carpet = 62 units.

Example 3: A circular-shaped garden has actually a radius of 50 units has to be fenced. Discover the cost of fencing the one garden if it takes $10 to fence one unit. (Use the value of π as 22/7)Solution: To calculation the expense of fencing the garden, we very first have to uncover the external boundary length of the garden. To uncover that allow us uncover the perimeter the the circular garden with a radius of 50 units. Because that a circle, the one = 2πr units.Given: radius = 50 units. Therefore, circumference = 2 × (22/7) × 50 = 314.28 units. The expense of fencing 1 unit of the garden = $10. Therefore, the price of fencing 314.28 systems of the garden = 314.28 × 10 = $3142.8 
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Practice questions on Area and also Perimeter


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FAQs ~ above Difference in between Area and also Perimeter

How are Area and also Perimeter Related?

Area is characterized as the measure up of room occupied by any type of surface or object, whereas perimeter specifies the size of the boundary of an object or a shape. 

What is the Unit of Measurement because that Perimeter and also Area?

Perimeter is measure in direct units and also area is measure in square units. For example, if the length and width that a rectangle room 6 units and also 4 devices respectively, climate its perimeter is 20 units and the area of the rectangle is 24 square units.

Is circumference Area or Perimeter?

The perimeter of a circle is described as the circumference.

What is the Difference in between Perimeter and Circumference?

Perimeter is measured by calculating the length of the border of a surface ar or a shape. Because that a circle, the perimeter is referred to by the term "Circumference". The one of a circle is calculate by using the formula 2πr units.

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How to calculate the Area of a Square?

Area of a square is calculated using the formula (side × side) square devices if the size of its side is given. For example, the area of a square with side length 5 units is 5 × 5, i beg your pardon is same to 25 square units.

What is the Difference between Area and also Perimeter?

Area is identified as space or the region occupied through a shape, whereas perimeter is characterized as the boundary or the overview of a shape. Two forms with the same areas can have a various value because that the perimeter. The area is measured in square units, conversely, the perimeter is measured in straight units.