A mobile tools identifier (MEID) is a globally distinctive number identifying a physical item of CDMA mobile station equipment. The number format is defined by the yet in useful terms it have the right to be viewed as an IMEI however with hexadecimal digits.

An MEID is 56


long (14 hex digits). It is composed of 3 fields, including an 8-bit local code (RR), a 24-bit manufacturer code, and a 24-bit manufacturer-assigned

serial number.

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The inspect digit (CD) is not considered component of the MEID.

The MEID was created to replace ESNs, who virgin type was exhausted in November 2008. As of TIA/EIA/IS-41 review D and also TIA/EIA/IS-2000 Rev C, the ESN is tho a required field in many messages---for compatibility, devices with one MEID deserve to use a pseudo ESN (pESN), i m sorry is a manufacturer code of 0x80 (formerly reserved) complied with by the least far-ranging 24 bits of the SHA-1hash that the MEID

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