Most e-commerce actually takes place between businesses. What is this called?A. Business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerceB. Consumer-to-business (C2B) e-commerceC. Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) e-commerceD. Business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce

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Which the the adhering to is equal to roughly one million characters?A. TerabyteB. MegabyteC. GigabyteD. Kilobyte
What is the term for an electronic document on the net that deserve to contain text, graphics, animation, audio (sound), and video?A. WebpageB. Internet readerC. WebnetD. Internet host
Which the the following is the process of carrying data in a constant and also flow, which allows users to accessibility and usage a document while that is transmitting?A. StreamingB. SurfingC. CastingD. Flowing
Which of the complying with is no true of a Wi-Fi network?A. Wi-Fi networks send signals to a communications an equipment that is linked to a high-speed web service.B. Plenty of public places are Wi-FI warm spots.C. Plenty of home users set them up.D. A Wi-Fi"s Internet service can be dial-up access.
Which that the complying with is a computer system that enables users come upload and/or download documents using FTP?A. FTP basic unitB. FTP serverC. FTP networkD. FTP client
Which that the complying with terms method that the civilization who room conversing ~ above a computer system are virtual at the exact same time?A. Real-worldB. AutomaticC. MainlineD. Genuine time
Which the the complying with is a repertoire of related webpages and associated items, such as documents and also pictures, save on a internet server?A. Browser appB. Net hostC. WebsiteD. Server reader
Which of the adhering to is the use of computer systems to simulate a actual or imagined atmosphere that appears as three-dimensional (3-D) space?A. VRB. IrDAC. TCPD. POP
What is the descriptor for a filter that advises or block you from possibly fraudulent or suspicious websites?A. PhishingB. SpoofingC. ProxyD. Pop-up
A search engine displays a perform of webpage names the contain the find text. What is the ax for the list?A. PullsB. HitsC. IconsD. Keywords
As shown in the accompanying figure, which of the following is a real-time typed conversation that takes ar on a computer?A. ConfabB. VoIPC. ChatD. Rapid talk
Which that the complying with is special software application that a user demands in stimulate to listen to an audio file on a computer?A. Media playerB. BroadcasterC. Media readerD. Audio browser
Which of the adhering to communicates v a satellite food to administer high-speed net connections via satellite?A. Satellite modemB. Satellite receiverC. Satellite transceiverD. Satellite dialer
What is the term for a mix of user name and domain name the identifies a user so he or she can receive net email?A. User clauseB. Email addressC. Email referenceD. Email link
Which that the adhering to is a regimen that finds websites and also webpages?A. Internet finderB. Search engineC. MicrobrowserD. Ar utility
Which the the following is a team of email names and addresses provided for mass circulation of a message?A. Conversation listB. Gibbs listC. Email listD. Client list

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Which the the adhering to is a website favor the one in the accompanying figure that provides a variety of internet services from a single, practically location?A. PowerpointB. ExtractionC. KeyframeD. Portal