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Recently I had the privilege of hearing an great word native a good teacher and woman of God, AJ Jones,about the use of acacia lumber in the Bible.Here room some exciting facts around acacia ns gleaned from she teaching, and also some other monitorings thrown in for good measure.In the Old agreement God commands Moses and the kids of Israel to make basically everything for the Tabernancle and also the Ark the the covenant from acacia wood. Part items were overlayed with pure gold yet everything other than the gold lampstand had acacia lumber at the core. For this reason why acacia ?Acacia (atzei shittim in Hebrew) to be the just tree that thrived in the desert in abundanceand was an ext bush-like 보다 tree-like.Acacia lumber is dense, thorny,the serial of the hardwood is gnarly and also changes direction.It is resistant to decay, and happens to be unpalatable to insects making perfect material for building items the would have to be durable and lasting, such together a Tabernacle that would certainly be mobile, constantly being constructed,taken down and also transported as the Israelites sojourned in the desert.The construction procedure was tricky together the wood might shatter if the tools offered by the craftsmen were not kept sharp.

My note fom AJ’s teaching included these impressions:“We can be favor acacia wood-gnarly, ours “grain” an altering direction, thorny, not simple to work-related with.But God loves to take it gnarly things and cover them through gold.The mr God is no going to store us in the desert if we seek after Him;He is in search of a “YES GOD!”- obedience from us.We room God’s populated places!- if the mr was for this reason concerned,caring therefore much around His first dwelling ar then we must not it is in surprised about how lot He cares because that us!”

Here are some of my thoughts and also input from other readings:

“Israel worked out in Shittim, and also the people began to go harlotry through the daughters that Moav . They invited the world to the sacrifices of their gods, and also the human being ate and also prostrated us to their gods.”( numbers 25:1-2)

The area known as Shiitim to be so named due to the fact that of the diversity of acacia (a plus), but it to be a place of idol worship and lowness of morality, i m sorry dragged the children of Israel down.The Midrash Rabba even says the the feather of Shittim watered Sodom.”So why these details trees native this details seemingly unholy location used to develop the ark and also the tabernacle?The Jewish sages teach the God constantly “prepares the remedy prior to the illness.” The use of the Atzei Shittim-acacia-was in reality the cure because that the ethical failures the the people in Shittim.We, like the youngsters of Israel, have actually a tendency to shed our way when we start to feeling unworthy and also impure. The ark of the covenant and also the tabernacle gift fashioned indigenous acacia, despite the their place of beginning was a continuous reminder of God’s habitation in their midst.The ark being developed of these exact same trees was expected to reinforce the knowledge that ethical failure was not a function of trees, or springs of water yet a issue of choice.God’s arrangement to use of the same wood would be a spiritual healing (tikkun) that the sins of the civilization at Shittim.