It to be the first time i heard the ax “high yield tourist” but I automatically recognized its vast importance to health tourism and also spa travel worldwide. The “high yield tourist” is other governments and also private business know is very important – it bring in travelers who spend more money than other tourists frequently do. Also wellness tourists frequently don’t carry out as much damages to a country’s environment and thus are attractive native that point of view also.

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The ide reminds me that the result from numerous hotel teams that have evaluated the spending patterns of your guests. Castle have found that those guests who use the spa spend a lot much more money in general than those who don’t usage the spa. (Sometimes even twice as lot on average!)

It was last week in new Delhi – we were sit in the office that the guy who is credited with spearheading the wildly effective “Incredible India” campaign – Amitabh Kant. In truth he had actually just handed united state the publication he wrote around that topic dubbed “Branding India: An remarkable Story.” I was in India v Andrew Gibson (Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong) and Professor Marc Cohen (RMIT, Australia) whereby we to be making further preparations because that the 2013 an international Spa and Wellness Summit that will take place October 5-7.

We were conscious that Amitabh Kant was one of the crucial visionaries who placed wellness travel on the map – not only for India however for the world. In 2000 he was minister of tourism for Kerala and launched the “God’s Own nation Campaign” that introduced this beautiful region to the world and branded it as the cradle of Ayurveda. He later went ~ above to occupational with India’s national government and also developed the remarkable India campaign that led to showcasing the color and also diversity of India – all under one banner. He defined that the foundation of the campaign was in reality the wellness element of India…featuring yoga, meditation and Ayurveda.

He explained that his goal was to target the “high productivity tourist,” understanding that if he might do that, others would follow. And that is specifically what happened.

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There isn’t a good deal written yet around this “high yield tourist” – yet it is a concept that will most likely be discussed more often in the future. Check out this research from Australia: concepts of travel Yield and Their measure up .

Note their observation:

 “Generally that is not the number of visitors every se that is the score of travel marketing however the expenditure connected with those visitors. Moreover, the is well well-known that greater numbers likewise generally imply better social and also environmental impacts. In this report we build yield measures based upon the financial and also economic effects of visitant expenditure rather than visitant numbers.”