Multiplying the equation by 1000 ensures the every value is an creature (i.e. No decimals).

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There are some general rules for the rotation by utilizing objects is the most common degree measures in (90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 270 degrees). The basic rule for the rotation of an is object 90 degrees. (x, y) --------> (-y, x).

A rectangular garden is fence on 3 sides v a wall forming ~ above the fourth side. The complete length the the fence is 120m. The

20m by 80m

Step-by-step explanation:

Let the dimension of the garden it is in x by y

The garden is fenced on three sides v a perimeter the 120m

Perimeter that the three sides = 2x+y



The Area of the garden =



From the very first equation, y=120-2x

Substitute y=120-2x right into xy=1600






So we have the pair (20,80) and (40,40).

However because we are told the the garden is rectangular, we choose the measurement with uneven sides.

The dimension of the garden is 20m by 80m.

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In initiatives of boosting their orofit margins, a company is considering developing their own manufacturing plant for their product.
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To get an overall profit that $100,000, then 3,571 items is necessary to be produced

Step-by-step explanation:


Profit = Revenue - Production price

In the question, we are told the the profit we room expecting is $100,000

Let the variety of items to be created for sales it is in x items

Now stop look at the production price ;

The production cost will be number of items because that sale * production price = 15 * x = $15x

Now, we need to include the start-up cost to the production price to gain the complete amount invested on production;

Mathematically the total amount would be = $25,000 + $15x

Let’s look at the revenue;

The revenue will certainly be offering price of each item * price of each item;

Mathematically, that would certainly be 50 * x = $50x

So therefore;

50x - (25,000 + 15x) = 100,000

50x -25,000 -15x = 100,000

35x = 100,000 + 25,000

35x = 125,000

x = 125,000/35 = 3571.42 i beg your pardon is about 3,571 items

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Integers were offered in the 15th century by european traders to label barrels of grain or flour. Because that example, a barrel the was 1
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sorry if ns knew i would of told girlfriend bc i need help with the 2

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