Beautiful Bridal with Keasha Rigsby is situated in the stunning Bagley Mansion ~ above Detroit"s eastern Jefferson Avenue. The partner"s decided this landmark mansion for the boutique for its unique architecture and also magestic beauty. The structure was constructed in 1887 and is a rare example of French Rennaissance romance Architecture. It functions hand carved fires places, a cool staircase, decision chandeliers, original stained glass windows and also ornate woodwork. The Bagley Mansion is an experience in and of itself. It"s a wonderful atmosphere to try on stunning wedding gowns. 



Beautiful Bridal was started by Keasha Rigsby from brand-new York and also Vallery Hyduk native Toronto. They made decision to come with each other in Detroit to open Beautiful Bridal with Keasha Rigsby. 

Keasha Rigsby"s life has actually been filled through passion for helping brides find their perfect dress for your wedding days. She invested a te at Kleinfeld Manhattan styling brides and likewise stared in TLC’s fight workplace truth series series Say Yes To The Dress. In 2015, Keasha starred in the reality series entitled Keasha’s Perfect Dress, produced for Slice Network Canada and also has aired in us on AspireTV OneAmazon Prime and HuluNow Keasha is the co-owner and face of Beautiful Bridal through Keasha Rigsby bridal boutique situated in the Bagley Mansion in Detroit - the come earlier city!



Vallery Hyduk and also Keasha met as soon as Vallery"s tv production agency produced Keasha"s television series Keasha"s Perfect Dress.

Vallery"s tv career extended 20-years. She to be vice president and partner at Peace suggest Enterainment team - a leading Canadian television television manufacturing company that developed shows which air around the world, including 

360 check out on business, is what comes from structure businesses indigenous the soil up. Vallery and partner, Les Tomlin, constructed Peace suggest Entertainment team from one little cable present to top Canadian television production house. In 2015 Vallery made a bold relocate to leave the TV biz and also partner with Keasha to open up Beautiful Bridal with Keasha Rigsby and also purchase the commercial building - The Bagley Mansion - which residences the bridal shop, is a popular occasion venue and also is hub because that health and also wellness businesses. IIn Valler"s Time as a tv executive, she to be responsible because that the creation and also production of plenty of shows prefer Food Truck face Off (Food USA/Food Canada), Bulloch family members Ranch (UPtv, nationwide Geographic), Colin & Justin"s Cabin pressure (Cottage Life) Super bodies ( 2010 & 2012 Olympics Games), Keasha"s Perfect dress (Slice, TVOne) BAKE through Anna Olson (Food Network - Canada, Asia, UK) Food Jammers (Food Network) Fresh through Anna Olson (Food Network), Invention country (Discovery Science) and Ed"s Up starring Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies) (OLN, City TV) and also more.Vallery is likewise an achieved writer - Fashion tv Radio on CHUM FM and also authored ZAGAT inspection Restaurant Guide and a fiction novel SWIM come WIN.Add upstream level compete swimmer come the resume - Vallery swam competitively for 15 year.

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Highlights incorporate - 12th in the world at the period of 16; member of Canada"s national Swim Team; college of Michigan All-American scholarship athlete; NCAA qualifier; 4 x large Ten Champion; 1988 Olympic gamings runner up; and US open up champion.Vallery stop a BA from the university of Michigan v a twin major - political Science and French; and a Bachelors of education and learning from the university of Toronto. Mommy of 2.