Neutral is anything but dull once you swap the beige and also the charcoal for a navy-colored top. This versatile color can take it you from a weekend top top the farm yard to a Saturday night on the town. Dress it up or down by playing off the dark blue hue v jolts of bright shade or lived-in denim and also earthy accessories. Discover this color"s complete potential with options including a preppy nautical vibe to a advanced pairing with black.

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If pairing a marine shirt v white bottoms renders you feel choose heading for the deck of a catamaran, go with the nautical trend. Sailing colors have the right to look chic if girlfriend don"t go overboard. Pair your navy shirt through white shorts or capri pants, adding sandals or canvas slip-ons in white, navy or a combination of the two. Layer a marine button-down shirt over a t-shirt through a nautical display screen print or a striped tank top. On slide the navy shirt on over a white sundress because that a breezy summer look. Add nautical stripes to your accessories, such together a canvas dead or lightweight scarf. Pair a marine boatneck height with a short white skirt for a clean look at that can go native a casual office setting to dinner and a movie.

Create an edgy, yet innovative monochrome look by pairing marine with an easy black. The trick is to not pick a shade of navy also dark or it will look prefer you thought it to be black and also mistakenly mismatched her outfit. Try a marine blouse v black skinny pants. Finish off the outfit through black wedges or strappy heels and also a sleek black clutch. Pair a hip-length body-skimming navy top with a black color miniskirt or pencil skirt. Cinch the waist v a skinny black patent belt and also finish off through black heels.

Since marine is considered a neutral color -- in the same family as black, brown and also gray -- layout it through eye-catching brights or muted pastels. A navy height will get a jolt of shade when paired v fuchsia skinny pants or becomes a business-casual staple once matched v a lavender pencil skirt. Navy provides a dose of preppy cool to skinny plaid pants and also flats in an unanticipated jewel tone such together green. Shade can additionally be added in through your selection of accessories. A red plaid purse will certainly liven up a marine top and also cream pants, when sparkly, embellished shoes include glam to any type of navy outfit.

Navy is a an excellent neutral to convey a western, rough or outdoorsy look when paired v denim and also leather accessories. A dark navy shirt looks finest paired with light stonewashed jeans. Include leather boots in a medium-brown or black hue and also a slouchy animal leather hobo bag because that urban-to-rural chic. For a trail-ready look, add hiking boots and a animal leather backpack or messenger bag. Pair her navy shirt through jean shorts and add brown leather sandals for a watch that functions well because that off-roading or strolling ~ above the boardwalk.

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