though I"m no alive, I had actually 4 legs when I was born.I shed a leg as soon as I obtained too stressed and worn.I go up the hill with simply 3 legs, and come down the hill v 4.If my owner doesn"t shed some weight, I"ll be going up the hill some more!



A chair.

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Though I"m not alive, I had 4 legs when I to be born.

4 legs and not alive. Sounds prefer a chair to me.

I lost a leg when I got too stressed and worn.

Stressed and worn - a chair foot broke due to the fact that of a large weight. (applying pressure reasons stress and can wear down wood)

I go up the hill with simply 3 legs, and also come under the hill v 4.

? I mean that someone that fixes chairs has actually his office at the optimal of a hill for some reason.

If mine owner doesn"t shed some weight, I"ll it is in going increase the hill part more!

Well, if the owner is heavy, he"s bound come break that chair leg again sooner or later.

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