The varsity teams playing as the Alabama Crimson Tide stand for the college of Alabama. Back the teams have had actually a variety of logos throughout their an ext than 45-year history, plenty of of the emblems return, in one form or another, to the main point visual elements: a explicate of an elephant and also a resources “A.”

Meaning and also history


The second emblems provided by the teams in 1974-2000 looked exactly as the major one, other than for the lettering top top the white banner. Over there were two variations: “Bama” or “Roll Tide.” Also, since 1976, the club has been making use of a manuscript “A” logo as an different for its main mark. The roundel having actually the standing of the primary logo now, supplied to be a an additional logo in 2001-2003, while the aggressive elephant, which was the main emblem in 2001-2003, gained the standing of the an additional logo in 2004.

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1952 — 1958


We can’t say that the original Alabama Crimson logo was not attractive or recognizable. And yet, there were a lot of details the didn’t work well in a sporting activities emblem. Because that instance, the elephant, which to be the visual facility of the logo, didn’t represent any type of of the characteristics that are an alleged to provide a team far better chance for a victory. Instead, that looked fairly friendly and laid back. He was holding an ice cream in his trunk, together if to provide a hint the he was not against sharing the (as well as the victory) through an opponent.

To make matters worse, the elephant’s foot was placed over a football through the lettering “Crimson Tide” top top it. This can be viewed as a symbol of a defeat for a team symbolized by the football.

Either because that these, or because that some various other reasons, the logo design didn’t survive long. The was changed in 1958, six years ~ its introduction.

1974 — 2000


For more than 25 years, indigenous 1974 come 2000, the Alabama Crimson tide logo shown an elephant busting the end of an “A.” The lettering “Crimson Tide” in red was inserted below, ~ above a white banner. The color scheme was totally new, in comparison through the previous version of the logo. Because that the first time, the iconic dark the shade of red to be introduced, pared v noble grey.

2001 — 2003

The logo presented in 2001 has actually been the only one the looked aggressive. The elephant, whose head was the visual center of the emblem, had really sharp tusks and also quite a menacing muzzle expression. Also, the logo depicted the front view of the head, which included something aggressive. Appropriate under the trunk, the lettering “Alabama” in red v a white structure was placed, when the message “Crimson Tide” in white to be positioned below.

The font used for the lettering was different from the vault one, which can be clearly seen as soon as comparing the “A” ~ above both the logotypes.


2004 — Today

The Alabama Crimson Tide logo design is built about a crimson capital “A” end the white background. The letter is encircled v the team surname in grey ~ above the crimson background. The roundel has a black frame.

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The typeface in which the lettering “Alabama Crimson Tide” is provided looks very much favor the City Bold released by Berthold or Square Slabserif 711 created by Bitstream. The script “A” no belong to any type of of the currently fonts.