5 finest Tank Mates for Koi in 2021Where execute Koi choose to Live in the Aquarium?2 services of having Tank Mates because that Koi in your Aquarium

5 best Tank Mates because that Koi in 2021

1. Common Goldfish (Carassius auratus) – best for Ponds

Image Credit: Piqsels
Size: 10-18 customs Diet: Omnivore Minimum pond size: 150 gallons Care Level: starting person Temperament: Peaceful
Common goldfish are wonderful tank mate for koi. This fish grow large and have actually sleek human body which provides them an excellent swimmers. Castle are regarded koi and also are referred to as the koi fish’s’ cousin’. Usual goldfish room cold-water fish that can safely handle the exact same water conditions as koi. They space peaceful and do no bother koi once kept together. You will need to keep an ext than one usual goldfish in your koi pond due to the fact that they favor to team for safety.

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2. Shubunkins (Carassius auratus)

Image Credit: Darko Cvetanoski, Shutterstock
Size: 7-15 customs Diet: Omnivore Minimum pond size: 100 gallons Care Level: starting person Temperament: Peaceful
The shubunkin is a prettier variation of the typical goldfish. They have actually longer tail fins and also their body is deep-set. They have actually a unique shade pattern through a small head. They have to only be inserted with koi when they room at least 6 inches in length, otherwise, there is a risk of being consumed by adult koi.

3. Comets (Carassius auratus)

Image Credit: smspsy, Shutterstock
Size: 8-16 inch Diet: Minimum pond size: 100 gallons Care Level: beginner Temperament: Peaceful
Comet goldfish are fairly like typical goldfish except for the fact that they have actually longer fins that drape around the fish. The tail can gain if the fish’s human body itself and also they look an excellent when paired through butterfly koi fish. Comet goldfish obtain slightly smaller than common goldfish, however they need the exact same water parameters as both koi and common goldfish do.

4. Apple snails (Ampurllariidae)

Image Credit: Sabine Schmidt, Shutterstock
Size: 3-4 inch Diet: Omnivore Minimum pond size: 20 gallons Care Level: beginner Temperament: Peaceful
These huge snails thrive too large to it is in at threat of being consumed by koi. They are brown or tan and have blue or white feet. They have the right to be maintained in a pond v goldfish and also koi. Koi might eat little snails and they manage snail pond populations by eating their hatchlings. To apologize snails are the just freshwater snail the grows big enough to no be consumed by many koi.

5. Gold Orfe (Leuciscus idus)

Image Credit: slowmotiongli, Shutterstock
Size: 15-20 inches Diet: Carnivore Minimum pond size: 300 gallons Care Level: intermediary Temperament: Peaceful
The gold orfe is a large growing fish that have the right to be housed outdoors with koi. They grow larger than koi and also have a deep-set body the is orange through a silver base color. Lock eat the same foodstuffs as koi and when retained in bag or much more they can gain along fine with countless variations of koi.

What renders a an excellent Tank Mate for Koi?

Image Credit: PiqselsOther huge growing goldfish prefer the shubunkin, comet, or usual goldfish room the finest tank mates for koi. This fish room all descendants of carp which renders them flourish in the very same environment. If you want to store a mixture that goldfish v koi, each breed the single-bodied can be housed with koi and also you can mix lock to do the pond more colorful and also attractive.

Where carry out Koi like to Live in the Aquarium?

Koi fish select to swim in the center of the pond wherein they can quickly be regarded from the top. Koi have been bred come have great finnage and colors the look finest when you are peering into the pond constructed into the ground. This enables you to conveniently see the colors and patterns that both koi and its tank mates. Koi will likewise skim the surface of the water in search of insects and also their larvae.

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Water Parameters

Koi space hardy and can stand up to harsh water parameters. However, they still require a filter and regular tank maintenance need to be done You deserve to use a pond experimentation kit to recognize the levels of ammonia, nitrite, and also nitrate present in the water. Ponds that obtain a lot of light will flourish a far-ranging number of algae which can help reduce the nitrate levels in your pond.


Koi flourish extremely huge at about 15 come 20 inches. Castle can prosper twice the dimension of a consistent goldfish i m sorry is why they can not be retained in a standard home aquarium. Your size provides them complicated to house in at home ponds due to the fact that of the bent sides. The pond have to be a minimum that 400 gallons for a team of juvenile koi, yet it need to be increased if you want to store goldfish or golden orfes in the exact same pond.

Image Credit: Piqsels

Aggressive Behaviors

Koi are not aggressive at all; they space the finish opposite. Koi are really friendly and also peaceful fish that carry out not fight or nip at various other fish. These fish are recognized to eat little snails, crustaceans, and also other small fish. This falls part of their natural diet and also they carry out not carry out it the end of aggression. Koi fish gain being kept in pairs or much more so the they feeling safer.

2 services of having Tank Mates because that Koi in your Aquarium


Having different tank mates v koi will certainly make them feeling safe. Koi enjoy being surrounded by their sort or also other types of fish. This lowers their stress and anxiety levels, and they gain grouping through each other like they would certainly in the wild.

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Adding much more fish v koi provides the pond an ext colorful and diverse. A natural styled pond brings out the vivid color of koi and also goldfish to do viewing the pond a fun experience.