INTERVIEWER: Alappropriate, lets watch if you"re as great in perchild as you are on paper. Make me a salad.

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MONICA: A salad? Really I, I could do somepoint a small even more complex if you like.

INTERVIEWER: No, just a salad will certainly be fine.

MONICA: You got it.

The interviewer asked Monica to make a salad, and Monica said you obtained it, What"s the interpretation of it? Shouldn"t it be I acquired it which means I understood your words?



In TV dramas and movies, you got it is regularly provided to mean "I"ll execute as you ask". It"s additionally common while taking an order from the boss/commander.

It is the response of a subordinate to their superior.


"You obtained it" featured in TV advertisements for a chain of burger restaurants. A server is presented responding to a customer order by utilizing that phrase. I see one implication as that the order is no sooner provided than fulfilled.


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