ns really like exactly how the indigenous "yoko" is pronounced, and also I"ll like to usage it in my bussiness. I think that my bussiness will be called "yoko garage".

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Do you know what yoko means? Does the have any bad or great meanings/concepts concerned it?


Yoko (横) is a reasonably generic term an interpretation "side".

However, there are some much less common, an unfavorable meanings connected with this word an interpretation "wrong", "invalid", "illogical", and "disorder". It also has a sense in i m sorry a prostitute to leave a client in secret to meet an additional man ("yoko ni iku"). And of course there are an unfavorable terms obtained from this as well such as yokoshima an interpretation "evil" or "wicked".



horizontal (as opposed to vertical); lying down;side-to-side (as protest to front-to-back); width; breadth;side (of a box, etc.);beside; aside; following to;unconnected

Maybe? where did girlfriend hear the word? sure it"s no yooko or some such?


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