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Yea is one old means of saying yes. It’s specifically used as a means of poll yes—the opposite of poll nay (no).

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In this sense, it can be offered as a noun meaning a poll of yes, as in There are 6 yeas and three nays—the yeas have it. 

Based on its use in voting, yea is sometimes used in the informal question Yea or nay? (meaning Yes or no?).

Yea is additionally found in old literary works as a means of saying indeed or truly, as in Yea, the hath prevailed. 

Yea can additionally be supplied in expressions like around yea tall, meaning “about this tall.” once it’s offered in this way, yea describes the amount gift indicated, such as by hold one’s hand in ~ a particular height to indicate exactly how tall miscellaneous is. However, this feeling of yea is an ext commonly assignment yay.

Although words yeah look at very comparable to (and is regularly misspelled as) yea (and, yea, the two are related), yea in reality rhymes through its opposite, nay. This method it’s pronounced specifically like another word it’s puzzled with: yay (which is most commonly used together a celebratory exclamation).

Example: Yay! The proposal happen unanimously! anyone voted yea!

The an initial records of words yea in English come from prior to the 900s. It comes from the Old English indigenous gēa, i beg your pardon is regarded words in countless other language that describe an affirmative response—yes. Yea, the word yes is probably based upon the same root.

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When yea is offered to average “indeed” or “truly,” it’s most often found in old literature, such together in the King James translate into of the Bible.

The most renowned use the yea is in voting. In the U.S. Congress, yea and nay are supplied to vote yes and also no. In U.K. Parliament, the equivalent of yea is aye—which can be supplied as a noun in the same way that yea can, together in The ayes have actually it. This use of yea and nay became familiar enough that it became used in informal conversation come ask around someone’s opinion or preference, as in Should I get these shoes—yea or nay?