(Latin: separation, apart, asunder; removal, away, from; negation, deprivation, undoing, reversal, utterly, completely; in various directions)
The meaning of dis- different with different words; dif-, assimilated form of dis- before f; di-, type of dis- prior to b, d, g, l, m, n, r, and v.

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1. To be no the same; to it is in unlike: john just uncovered out the the brand-new version the the thesaurus differs a good deal indigenous the previous edition.2. To have or refer a various opinion; come disagree: Ted and Jane differed v each other regarding where lock would invest their vacation.3. Etymology: from Latin differre, "to collection apart".
1. A instance in i m sorry one person, or something, is no like another one: Jake"s parents taught him the difference in between what is right and also proper and also that i beg your pardon is unacceptable or morally wrong.Mary believes that the difference between grocery save produce and also Farmer"s Market produce is the freshness.2. The level or amount whereby some things room not the very same or what is left after subtracting one number from another number: over there is a 10-year difference between Jack"s oldest daughter and her youngest sister.3. A instance in which there is a divergence of opinion or direction that need to be undertaken: The city councilors had several distinctions with Mr. Richison, the mayor, around how the parade because that the summer festival must be organized.
Descriptive of that which is incompatible, distinguished, or unusual: The sisters had very different hair styles, way of dressing and also speaking to together a degree that the was hard to imagine that they were actually twins.
The top quality or problem that distinguish one types from every one of the others of the very same genus or class: The most usual differentia in between felines is their size and also their compatibility come live v humans; such together that which exists with lions and also domestic cats.
1. A series of gears in a car, a truck, etc. That allows for the behind wheels to revolve at different rates; such as, for turning a corner: ~ the accident, Sandy had actually to change the differential in his truck since it was damaged.2. The distinguishing level of not being comparable to an additional person or items: There was a significant differential in salaries in between the freshly hired salespeople and also the those through years that experience.Although there was an apparent price differential in between the two cars, Samuel and also Gertrude made decision it was worth the to get the one the had more safety features.
Any maker that shows the differences in pressures between two fluids, nevertheless of any type of changes in their absolute pressures.
1. To do something, or someone, not choose others that the same kind: The color of your eyes is one point that differentiates Mary"s twins from each other.There is small to distinguish one thesaurus from one more one since they all have tendency to have actually the very same or very comparable definitions and too often lack clarity because they use another kind of the word that is being presented.2. To recognize that which to adjust one point apart native something else; come tell one point apart from one more based on characteristics: For some people, consisting of Janet and also Linda, that is not basic to differentiate between ice cream and also frozen yogurt.
1. Descriptive the something that distinguishes or the end one thing from one more one: The differentiated markings ~ above the wing of the brown butterfly recognize it as a neighborhood insect, no a migratory one.2. The similarity between a regular cell and the cancerous cell specifies what degree of change has occurred: Cancerous cell that are well distinguished are close to the original cells and are usually less aggressive.Poorly differentiated cells which have actually changed an ext and are more aggressive.
In a manner the is exceptional, unusual, or not typical: after ~ Kitty review the case histories of her clients, she thought differently around how to manage the legal procedures.
1. Something i m sorry is not quickly done, accomplished, comprehended, or solved.2. A troublesome or awkward state the affairs; especially, of financial affairs.3. A laborious effort or struggle; trouble: "She had an obstacle walking right into the classroom where she perfect the exam with difficulty."4. A disagreement or dispute around an issue.5. Having a reluctance, objection, or unwillingness to perform something.
Distrust the oneself; lacking trust in one’s very own ability, worth, or fitness; having a usual or shy disposition: Marcus has an abnormal diffidence or is really timid when he is approximately girls, especially Harriet.
A diffident male is one who has finally found that there space some difficulties for which no one has a solution. It appears that when a human being thinks the knows all the solutions to a problem, some fool comes along and asks the wrong questions.
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1. Pertaining come a lack of trust or no feeling comfortable around certain people: when Jason is referred to as on to answer a question that Mrs. Savage, the teacher, is questioning him during class, he usually has actually a diffident means of expressing himself also when he is details that the is correct.2. A recommendation to being very careful about acting or speaking: together Mrs. Hoover, the reporter, asked the politician, Mrs. Traviss, if she would be running for a 3rd term, she do a diffident solution because she didn"t desire to speak anything that can be taken as being slanderous around her opponent.
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