A variation of the Hebrew surname Jacob, meaning \"supplanter\" or \"holder that the heel.\" This is no an exaggeration, together your little Jacoby will be on her heels at all times (sometimes literally) from years 1-5, at least. Expect you like pooping with an audience.

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Jake, Jaco, Coby.

Famous world named Jacoby:

Musician Jacoby Shaddix; football football player Jacoby Jones, Jacoby \"Coby\" Fleener, Jacoby Ford, and Jacoby Glenn; baseball players JaCoby Jones and also Jacoby Ellsbury.

Fun fact:

This name skilled a wild rise of popularity in 2007-08, bolstered by baseball player Jacoby Ellsbury, the very first Native American (Navajo) in the major Leagues. The played for the Boston Red Sox the year they won the people Series.

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