What go Alonzo mean?


▼ together a boys" surname is express a-LON-zoh. That is that Old German origin, and the meaning of Alonzo is "ready for battle". Italian and also Spanish different of Alphonse. This kind is an ext popular 보다 Alfonso, perhaps as result of basketball celebrity Alonzo Mourning.STARTS v Al-

ASSOCIATED WITH battle (war), popular (famous)


VARIANTS Alanso, Alanzo, Allonso, Allonzo, Allohnso, Allohnzo, Alohnso, Alohnzo, Alonso▲, Lon▼, Lonnie▼, Lonny

SEE additionally Hildefuns, Lonzo

ALTERNATIVE forms VIA ALFONSO, ALPHONSE Affonso, Alfo, Alfons, Alfonse, Alfonso, Alfonz, Alfonzo, Alfonzus, Alphonso▼, Alphonz, Alphonzo, Fonz, Fonzo, Phonz

FEMININE kind Alanza

CREATIVE FORMS(male) (female) center NAME PAIRINGSAlonzo Fischer (A.F.), ..

How famous is Alonzo?

Alonzo is a really prominent an initial name for males (#451 out of 1220, optimal 37%) and likewise a very prominent surname for all human being (#2038 the end of 150436, optimal 1%). (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Alonzo was first listed in 1880-1889 and also reached its peak position that #126 in the U.S. Then, and is right now at #472. (2018 U.S. SSA RECORDS)



Which version is better?

Alanzo, Alfons, Alfonse, Alfonso (#913 IN 2018), Alfonzo, Alonso (#775), Alphonse, Alphonso, Alphonzo, Lon, Lonnie (#1679), Lonny and Lonzo space the influential varying develops of Alonzo (#472) showing up in the peak 2000. These forms of Alonzo were renowned with parents throughout 1900-1909 (AVERAGE #1079) and have become significantly much less common because (#1702, 75.5% less USAGE), with versions like Alphonso ending up being less fashionable. Alonzo has been the as whole favorite, return Alonso appears to it is in getting renowned too.

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Similar Names

Suggested similar-sounding names space Abondio, Abundo, Adolfo▼, Adon, Adones, Adonia, Adonis▲, Adonys, Agosto, Akeno, Alan▼, Aland, Alann, Alano, Alanson, Albano, Albaro, Alcado, Aldo, Aldon, Alecko, Aleco, Alejo, Aleko, Alen, Alerio, Alexio, Alfeo, Alfio, Alicio, Alin, Alldo (see Aldo), Allon, Almando, Almanzo, Aloess, Aloin, Alois▼, Aloisio, Aloj, Alojzy, Alomar, Alon, Alouf, Aloys, Alto, Alton▼, Alucio, Aluino, Alun, Aluxio, Aluzio, Alvaro, Alyn, Amando, Amon, Anno, Anso, Antonio, Apollo▲, Apolo, Apolonio, Arlando, Armondo, Arno, Aroldo, Aron, Aronne, Avon, Enzo▲, Kodzo, Lanzo, Manzo, Nenzo (see Lorenzo) and Renzo. This names tend to it is in less generally used 보다 Alonzo.