Passionate around raising registered Polled Hereford particle stock for over 65 and three walking on 4 generations. Priefert farms is recognized for gentle, sound footed, product traits. All livestock for sale room halter broke.

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The basics of genes tell us that since the polled gene is dominate over the horned gene, animals with one copy the the polled gene and one copy of he horned gene will not have actually horns, and also a naturally hornless pet can be produced in on generation, that also method it is easier to make an ext polled animals faster 보다 if the polled gene to be recessive.

An pet can have actually one of 3 combinations because that the polled/horned gene:

PP = homozygous polled means this animal has no horns, an all offspring from the pet will it is in born without horns

Pp + heterozygous polled means this pet does not have horns, yet offspring may or might not have actually horns depending upon their mate

pp = born through horns

If you're starting with just horned pets in your herd, the figures listed below demonstrate your results mating cows to a polled sire.  The figure 1 shows that a homozygous polled bull bred to a horned cow will an outcome in 100% hornless offspring. Figure 2 illustrates that a heterozygous polled sire each other to a horned cow will an outcome in just 50% polled offspring.

Figure 1 Homozygous


Figure 2 Heterozygous



Avoid dehorning

You deserve to save dollars, times, and also labor, and additionally minimize stress and anxiety on her calves by foregoing the need for dehorning.  The mean dehorning cost various from one farm to the next based upon the chosen method of dehorning, and there is a opportunity of causing additional stress on the calves throughout a critical growth time growth time.

Easy on breed boy equipment

Polled livestock are less complicated to work since the lack of horns the make it difficult to gain them in a head gate and they are much less likely to obstacle their horns top top fences, tress and also other objects perhaps damaging them.

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Cater to customer perceptions

It's a truth that customer perceptions directs many facets of the beef industry's reality.  animal rights activists have actually criticized dehorning for years, but it hasn't to be until freshly that the basic public has actually joined the activtists'  see on dehorning as a hinderance all process.  With enhanced awareness about this usual farm chore also comes increased customer demands on exactly how they fell farmers should handle it on your farms and also ranchers.