according to one online dictionary (, one can say "I"m sorry" in 3 ways:

"perdón" come apologize (Perdón por...

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) "lo siento" in much more formal occasions (Lo siento mucho por su pérdida)"disculpa" i m sorry is also more formal 보다 "perdón".

If I want to say "I"m sorry, yet I can"t aid you", which verb would certainly be finest to use?



"Disculpe" is used an ext when you desire to ask something. If you want to it is in polite, talk to who you don"t recognize you deserve to say:

-Disculpe, me podría decir la hora, por favor.

-Sorry, can you tell me, please, what time is it?

You have the right to say the too v "Perdón" or "Perdone" rather of "Disculpe"

"Lo siento" is allways to apologize.


Adding much more information, you can say "disculpa" (excuse me) or "perdón" (pardon) when interrupting a conversation, yet not "lo siento" (because you don"t feeling sorry because that interrupting the conversation).

On the contrary, you can say "lo siento" at a funeral, but not "disculpa" or "perdón" (because it"s no your fault the fatality of that person).


Perdón is largely used as soon as you make a vast mistake and also you remorse it indigenous the bottom of her heart. However if you want to speak some choose you say, it"s sufficient with lo siento or disculpa.

The distinction in an interpretation is no that big, other than the last one:

Lo siento, pero no puedo ayudarte. Disculpa, pero no puedo ayudarte. Perdón, pero no puedo ayudarte.

The critical one typically requires a little bit that emphasis:

Perdón, pero realmente no puedo ayudarte.

Now disculpa has a different use as soon as you sell it:

Te debo una disculpa.

However, we don"t usage lo siento as follows:

Te debo un lo siento.


"Lo siento" way "I feeling it". Because of this can be supplied when friend apologize because that a mistake the you"ve made the make someone else feeling bad. Yet it can additionally be provided to to express sympathy because that something that is not your error (a friend gained sick because that example).

"Disculpe" would be offered as "excuse-me" when trying to happen someone in a group for instance or to interrupt someone for a question.

"Perdón" is questioning for personal forgiveness. It can be for little issues prefer if friend accidentally bumped someone or if you desire someone to repeat something girlfriend did no hear correctly (or were not paying attention to). Or it might be supplied to ask forgiveness to more serious offenses.

I are afraid I might sound completely subjective here, yet to me:

"Lo siento" is the literal translation the "I"m sorry"

"Disculpa" means you acknowledge there has been a fault, but it wasn"t her fault", like when you bump into someone in the train.

"Perdón" method you know it"s her fault and you ask for forgiveness.

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