When learning Spanish, many people assume that parecer is the straight translation of ‘to seem’ or ‘to appear’. However, ‘paracer’ has actually other typical meanings and uses in addition to these. Together a result, when human being see this verb applied in various contexts, they begin to wonder just how to usage ‘parecer’ in Spanish. 

‘Parecer’ can be provided to: ask and give opinions, talk about people’s resemblances, refer assumptions, present agreement, or talk about looks and also appearances. Depending on the context, ‘parecer’ means:

Sounds goodTo think / come findIt seems / it shows up / the looks likeApparentlyTo look choose / come look alike

‘Parecer’ and also its different interpretations are an extremely useful in Spanish conversations. Together a result, in this article, we’ll check out the most common ways you deserve to use this verb. In stimulate to make this easier, we’ll provide examples and also phrase frameworks that you have the right to follow and also implement into your Spanish repertoire. By the finish of it, you’ll have a far better understanding of exactly how to use ‘parecer’ in Spanish.

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1. Ask and also Give Opinions

In Spanish, ‘parecer’ is an extremely useful when it concerns ask and give opinions about a subject or activity. In this situation, ‘parecer’ way ‘to think’ or ‘to find’. 

When using ‘parecer’ because that this context you will require to: 

Use an indirect pronoun that matches with the person who is providing the opinion.Conjugate ‘parecer’ in the third singular or many person. ‘Parecer’ requirements to match the object or activity you’re talking about.Conjugate ‘parecer’ in any type of tense you need (past, present, future, etc).

¿Qué + + + ?

Chris, ¿qué te parece el libro que car presté?Chris, what do you think about the publication that i lend you?

¿Qué le parecieron a tu mamá las blusas que le regalaste?What did your mother think about the blouses you gave her?

Andrea, Paul, ¿qué les pareció la nueva maestra de español?Andrea, Paul, what walk you men think about the new Spanish teacher?

If rather of questioning for someone’s opinion you desire to share yours, you’ll must use one of the complying with phrase structures. Notification that in this situation, ‘parecer’ could be interpreted as ‘to find’:

+ + +

La maestra nueva me parece muy buena para enseñarI think the new teacher is very great at her work

El subjuntivo y el imperfecto nos parecen muy difíciles de comprenderWe find the subjunctive and the imperfect very daunting to understand

+ + + que +  

Me parece muy bien que dare vayas de vacacionesI think it’s really nice that you’re walk on vacation

Nos parece mal que el jefe te haya despedidoWe think it’s devastating that the boss fired you

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2. Come Talk about Resemblances

One that the most common ways to use ‘parecer’ in Spanish is to usage it come talk about physical similarities and also resemblances in between two or an ext people. Because that this situation, we must use parecerse the reflexive kind of ‘parecer’ which is translated as ‘to look at like’ or ‘to look alike’. 

Here are some examples and also the expression structure girlfriend will have to use:

+ + a +

Michelle se parece mucho a su mamáMichelle looks prefer her mommy a lot 

¡Qué onda! te pareces un montón a tu hermanaWhat the heck! you look a lot of like your sister

La verdad creo que no me parezco a mis papás, me parezco más a mis tíasTo it is in honest, i don’t think ns look-alike to mine parents, I look at more like my aunts

Here is another option you might use to talk about resemblance: 

+ +

Tu y tus hermanos se parecen mucho You and your siblings look much alike

La chica nueva y Marta se parecen muchoThe brand-new girl and also Marta look much alike

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3. Come Talk about Someone’s figure or Look 


‘Parecer’ can also be supplied to talk around people’s appearance and look. In this context, you could use this word to define physical appearance, but also emotional states and personality. In this situation, ‘parecer’ is the straight translation of ‘to seem’ or ‘to look’. 

¿Estás bien? Pareces un poco tristeAre you okay? girlfriend seem a tiny bit sad

Con esa ropa, Joel parece un vagabundoWith those clothes, Joel looks like a tramp

Chicos, parecen ocupados, mejor les llamo mañanaGuys, you seem busy, I’ll better call lock tomorrow 

¿Sabes si Priscila está bien? Ayer parecía preocupada perform you recognize if Priscila is fine? She looked worried yesterday

La chica nueva parece agradable, pero todavía no he hablado con ellaThe new girl seems nice, but I haven’t speak to her yet

Take Note: In this situation, you deserve to conjugate ‘parecer’ to match any tense you need.

4. To Express Assumptions 

Spanish speakers additionally use ‘parecer’ as a means to assumption: v or do assumptions about a specific situation. Together a result, in this context, this verb could be analyzed as:

It seemsApparentlyIt look at like

Unlike other meanings of ‘parecer’, because that this situation, you’ll have to use this verb in that is impersonal type (without indicating who the subject is). Here are some examples of impersonal forms of ‘parecer’:

Parece que → Very typical in conversations. Al parecer → It’s slightly more formal 보다 ‘parece que’. 

Parece que Maggie y Lucas por fin se van a mudarIt looks like Maggie and also Lucas are finally moving out 

No estoy completamente seguro, pero parece que despidieron a EvaI’m not completely sure, but it appears that Eva got fired

Charlie, voy un poco tarde. Hay muchísimo tráfico, al parecer, hubo un accidenteCharlie, i’m a bit late. Yes a the majority of traffic, apparently, there was an accident 

Take Note: Both ‘parece que’ and also ‘al parecer’ are provided to present the assumption people are making around a certain situation.

5. To display Agreement 

In Spanish, us can likewise use ‘parecer’ to display our commitment with people’s suggestions or proposals. This usage of ‘parecer’ is quite common in conversations when world are talking or agreeing top top the details the some task that they setup to perform together.

In this context, ‘parecer’ way ‘sounds good’ and that usually applied as a an answer to someone’s proposal or statement. Here are some examples: 

Tu amigo: Oye, nuestro avión revenue a las seis de la mañana, quedamos de vernos a las cuatro en el aeropuerto.Your friend: Hey, our plane leaves at 6 in the morning, us agreed on conference at the airport in ~ four.
Tú: Me parece bien, ahí los veo.

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You: Sounds good to me. I’ll watch you there.
Tu amigo: ¿Le dijiste a Clara sobre el viaje a la playa y los precios?Your friend: Did friend tell Clara around the expedition to the beach and also the prices?
Tú: ¡Ah, sí! Dijo que le parece bien. ¿Cuándo nos vamos?You: Oh, it is right! She stated it sounds good to her. When are we leaving?

Wrapping Up

‘Parecer’ is a Spanish verb v multiple definitions that deserve to be applied to various situations. For that reason, in this article, we questioned the most usual ways to usage ‘parecer’ in Spanish. 

We learned that this verb can be provided to asking or provide opinions, to talk around resemblances and also appearances, come express assumptions, and also to display your covenant when making to plan with various other people. Relying on the contexts you usage it, ‘parecer’ have the right to be analyzed as:

Sounds goodTo think / come findIt seems / it appears / the looks likeApparentlyTo look choose / to look alike

Now that you have actually a far better understanding of the contexts whereby you deserve to use ‘parecer’, friend should shot to use it into your conversation, ¿qué dare parece?