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Neko, in Japanese, simply way “cat.” However, this word’s definition changes when provided in Japanese LGBTQ communities. Because of the background of the term in Japanese LGBTQ communities, neko in ~ the BL genre has come to refer to personalities who space less dominant in a sexual relationship.

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“Neko,” when used in the BL genre, is usually written in katakana personalities (ネコ), lot like just how it is within the gay neighborhood in Japan. In this context, words is not provided literally however figuratively. There space multiple theories around the origins of this specific usage of neko.

One theory states that the word initially came from the slang indigenous “pussycat” and referred to a woman’s genitalia. “Pussycat” to be then later on shortened to キャット (cat) and transformed into the Japanese word because that cat, neko. One more theory says that that originally originates from the native 猫車 (“nekoguruma,” which way a wheelbarrow) because when a person uses the wheelbarrow, it resembles the doggy-style sex position.

While the literal definition of “neko” is quiet “cat,” the figurative meaning is “a person who is less leading within a sexual relationship (not minimal to penetrative sex).” This indigenous is likewise interchangeably supplied with the an ext popular term uke.

Brief History

Within the gay ar in Japan, neko is just one of the words interchangeably supplied with uke offered to indicated someone’s choice in sex-related relationships. Unfortunately, the stereotype that uke/neko being connected with an ext feminine, girlish traits and also being passive in bed has additionally caused part in the gay community to be adverse to making use of these words. If neko was embraced into the BL genre, uke is an ext prominent, most likely since it has been used much longer within the BL community.

Neko: modern-day Usage

Currently, in ~ the BL community, the usage of neko has not changed much. That is quiet popularly used alongside the hatchet uke, also though in the previous decade, many fans have begun using the ax “migi” (right side), when referring come a character’s function in a relationship. Neko has also become popular enough that publishers have actually used it as a subgenre category. One instance can be viewed in the increasingly popular ネコxネコ BL (“neko x neko”) or ネコ同士 BL (“nekodoushi”, literally method ”both cats”), a subgenre i beg your pardon portrays romantic stories between two guys who both like to it is in neko in the relationship.

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