It’s time to present our brand new section on ours site dubbed Under The Spotlight. Here to kick-off is a long-time Simmer and also YouTuber – Cristina!


Hello Hello! I’m Cristina otherwise recognized as Lifesimmer. I’m your average web addict however with a small twist. I invest my cost-free time indulging on Youtube goodness. I make Let’s Plays and also other gaming items on mine channel.

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– how long have actually you to be a Simmer?

Oh boy, let’s talk around my avid addiction. I’ve been playing The Sims for about ten years. How, my love because that a simulation game began. Well, ns was at my cousin’s home one day. She pulled me end to her old PC and showed the most glorious game. Well, at the time. The Sims warm Date. I was so fascinated by the digital doll house aspect of the game. It was love, at very first sight. I in reality loved the game right away. I would spend plenty of hours watching trailers completely and utterly in love. Ns did chores ~ above chores to get my an initial very own copy, The Sims Deluxe.

– What’s your favorite The Sims game?

This may be the hardest Sims related inquiry I’ve had to answer. It’s so difficult to choose an every time favorite. I’ll pick one for each era.The Sims: SuperstarThe Sims 2: open For BussinessThe Sims 3: Seasons

– If you to be a Sims Developer, which function would you add in The Sims 4 and also why?

There is so lot to include to the game. However, The very first thing that concerns mind is collections. Not, rocks and also insects but little knick-nacks, DVDs, video games, etc. Possibly even, thrift stores the your sims might visit and find some surprise gems. It might easily intertwine into a Freetime-esque expansion/game pack. It’s the small things, minimal details that deserve to enhance gameplay.

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– perform you beat other games beside The Sims?

Certainly, there is a pair of game collection that I reap equally. The series other 보다 The Sims are Nancy Drew and Kingdom Hearts.

I’ve always gathered these three series and setup on purchasing each installment. However, i have acquired a massive vapor collection of random computer games. Ns scare myself sometimes with the video game I own on Steam. Tokyo school Life, shout the end to you. I love gaming, in general; I’ll shot anything due to the fact that you never ever know!