lattice pointA point in the coordinate airplane or in an are with creature coordinates.

legs ofa appropriate triangleEither next of a best triangle the is ~ above the right angle.

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arethe foot of this appropriate triangle.

leg adjacentto one angleThe next of the right triangle i m sorry is ~ above the acute angle and also is notthe hypotenuse.

NOTE: thehypotenuse is no a leg.
is the foot adjacent to angle A.
is the foot opposite angle A.

leg oppositean angleThe side of the ideal triangle i beg your pardon is no on the acute angle. (see aboveillustration)

liketermsTerms the involve the very same variables elevated to the same powers.EX: 3x, 4x, and -16.8x are favor terms as room


linearequation Anequation in i beg your pardon the graph that the solutions is a line. An equation equivalentto ax + b = y.

EX: 3x + 4 = 22Alinear equation will have actually no variables through exponents greater than one.

linearpair Anglesthat have actually a common side, and also whose noncommon sides room opposite rays.


linesegmentThe points A and also B together with the points on segment betweenA and also B. Also called segments.


linesymmetry Afigure is claimed to posses heat symmetry if it can be reflected onto ofitself end a provided line.


lengthThe distance in between two points measured follow me the segment or an arc joiningthem. A measurement of a rectangle or rectangular solid.

NOTE: In Geometrywhen girlfriend are mentioning the length of a given segment symbolically,you simply write the called of the segment's endpoints withoutthe segment bar ~ above top.EX: AC=14in, isread, "The size of segment AC is fourteen inches."

limitThe value to i beg your pardon the regards to an boundless sequence obtain closer and closeras one walk further and further the end in the sequence.

lineAn unknown geometric term. Check out Point-Line-Plane Postulate.

line ofreflection Theline end which a preimage is reflected. Additionally called showing line ormirror.

line perpendicularto a planeA heat perpendicular to every line in the plane which passes v thepoint of intersection.


literA volume or capacity in the metric mechanism equal to 1000 cubic centimeters.1Liter


lowestterms Afraction written v the smallest feasible whole numbers.

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Twenty-fourdivides both numerator and denominator evenly, for this reason the lowest termfraction outcomes after the division.

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