What go it average when someone claims you look at good?

It is one expression to say someone is specifically pretty or fine dressed, as a compliment.

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What walk it median you look at well?

If i say “you watch well”, I median that girlfriend look well – her skin/hair look good or her eyes look at bright, or girlfriend look happy, or slender and toned, or glowing, or that I’m just trying to pay you a non-specific compliment to do you feeling good.

Do i look great or am ns looking good?

There is a ethereal difference in between the two sentences. You look an excellent denotes that you normally look good. On the various other hand, you room looking great indicates that you space looking great at that specific moment or in that particular costume or whatsoever.

How perform you tell a man he looks good?

Make it specific. Generic compliments room okay, however to really make him stop and also appreciate what you’ve said, mention something specific. “You look nice,” is no a bad thing to say, but, “You look very handsome in that color shirt,” is far an ext effective. It provides the guy something to emphasis on.

How execute you respond as soon as someone claims you look prefer someone?

It’s a genuine compliment, yet you feel modest or embarrassed, or maybe also don’t agree that you are beautiful. Instead of arguing, just say say thanks to you. If you shot to to speak “no, I’m not…” the human being will probably proceed telling you the it’s true and shot to convince you, further embarrasing you.

How do you to speak you look great too?

To which you climate reply, again with a little smile, “Well, say thanks to you, you’re as well kind” / “You’re really kind come say so”… or something follow me those lines. You have the right to respond v the long form, or the short form. The long type is come reply with a witty and also self-deprecating rejoinder, e.g., “You look yes, really nice today”…

What can I say rather of watch good?

Ways come Say You space Beautiful

You watch gorgeous!You look together pretty together always!You watch drop dead gorgeous!I think you are an extremely attractive!Wow, you room gorgeous!I think you space stunning!I think you are super cute!You look at absolutely fantastic!

When men say your very attractive?

If someone says they find you ‘attractive’, it suggests that they space ‘attracted’ come you. It’s a subtle means of letting your intentions known. Another thing right here is that ‘beautiful’ and also ‘pretty’ are, because that the most part, a compliment about your physical attributes.

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How execute you tell who they room cute without saying it?

5 means to Tell someone They’re Attractive (Without being Weird)

5 means to Tell someone They’re Attractive (Without being A Creep)Make certain compliments are certain to THEM. Tell them around the emotions she has actually stirred in you. It is in vague. It is in sincere with what friend say. Maintain solid eye call while you talk to them.