Don’t you love it when a product’s name tells you precisely what the does? Antifreeze, additionally known together coolant, is one such product. This brightly colored systems lowers a liquid’s freezing point, which is why we add it come our vehicles’ radiators. A mixture the chemicals and also water, antifreeze help ensure the the liquid in ours radiators doesn’t freeze in the winter or cook over in the summer (overheating the engine), and in law so, it protects our engines from damages year-round. However, you could be wondering: how does antifreeze work?


How walk Antifreeze Work?

Although water is may be to organize some the an engine’s heat, many engines require a mixture the water and also chemicals, much more commonly well-known as antifreeze. This product is a critical component the the cooling system, together it help the vehicle operate in a range of temperatures, indigenous the frigid cold come the scorching heat. Most of the time, engine coolant is make of a combination of water and also ethylene glycol (C2H6O2).

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So exactly how does antifreeze defend your engine? The an essential lies in the boiling and freezing points.

BOILING & freeze POINTSPure water, together you might know, has a boiling allude of 212°F (100°C) and a freezing point of 32°F (0°C). However, as soon as you produce a 50/50 mixture using water and ethylene glycol, the boiling point rises come 223°F (106°C) and the freezing point lowers come -35°F (-37°C). As soon as you take it one action further, producing a 30/70 mixture that water and ethylene glycol, the boiling point rises come 235°F (113°C) and the freezing point lowers come -67°F (-55°C).

Why walk this happen? Well, once water freezes, the expands and crystallizes. If we add chemicals to water, however, the molecules will have to work harder to join together and also crystallize. Their struggle results in a reduced freezing point. Therefore in the end, inexpensive water and functional coolant type the perfect pair.

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CYCLING v THE SYSTEMTo preserve the cooling system’s temperature, antifreeze is pumped v the engine and also the heater core, where it absorbs excess heat. It also runs v the radiator, dissipating warm to the outside air. The antifreeze runs with this cycle repeatedly until it becomes old and also contaminated. Eventually, the course, the will have to be replaced to ensure the it stays effective.

_____Although water is helpful in countless ways, its properties make it a substandard cooling product. Antifreeze was developed to include strength come water, reducing its deficiencies and broadening that is capabilities. Without it, you can destroy her engine and also cause corrosion and also sediment build-up. Excessive temperatures add to the problem. Why take the risk?

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