Make them feeling "like unicorns eating ice cream cream and galloping approximately the rings of saturn" - or something.

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Eating pussy, licking out, going down on someone, eat someone out, every little thing you desire to speak to oral sex, it deserve to be for this reason pleasurable for women and also people v vaginas. Cunnilingus place the emphasis on the clitoris, i m sorry is the source of great pleasure (much more so 보다 the actual vagina through penetration). Therefore if you"ve ever wondered exactly how to lick someone out really, really, well, here"s a step-by-step eat pussy overview courtesy the the sex blog just how To do Me Come. With skilled tips top top the Kivin method - which insurance claims to do someone orgasm within 3 minutes - and also how to use your mouth and also hands in ~ the same time, too.

Eating pussy - just how to eat a girl out

Step 1 - Kiss your method down there

Make your way south of the border. You may overview this route with small kisses from your neck down to their pelvic region. You"re in ~ the vulva/vagina! friend made it! Wow, what a trip.

Eye contact is fine. It"s an extreme move, however depending on that you"re going under on, it could be an extremely creepy or really hot. You feeling it out.

Before girlfriend pucker up, try some sensual kissing up and down your inner thighs. Not completely necessary, however I"m just saying they probably wouldn"t not be right into that.


Step 2 - find the clitoris

Now acquire in there. Don"t tiptoe around it— walk in and find that clitoris. In case you"re unsure that what the is, it"s that thing that feels like a bean on the peak of the vertical roast beef sandwich.

Before you do anything, you need to recognize that the clitoris is supervisor sensitive and has more nerve endings than the penis. Yep, it"s incredible. And also it"s the source of orgasms for many women and also people v vaginas.

That p isn"t just any bean. That"s a fucking magical bean. If you understand what you"re doing (which friend should have actually a an excellent or much better idea of by the finish of analysis this), you deserve to make someone convulse with pleasure choose a demon is gift exorcised the end of them. Start off this exorcism best by DJing (using her fingers to rub the clitoris) and then stuffing your face in between their thighs.

Step 3 - Lick around the clitoris

Start off by licking all roughly the clitoris, don"t simply go in there appropriate for the bullseye. You"ve acquired to preheat the oven before you stick in the Turkey! once you"ve teased them enough and they"re gagging because that it, usage your tongue to lick the magical bean.

Lick it up, down, and also all around, however remain focused on the push of her tongue on the clitoris. Begin off lightly and build increase the pressure and speed if their body responses and also noises point to yes. Friend can additionally play through the form of her tongue ~ above the clitoris and mix the up. Some people like a wide flat tongue, others like a an ext pointy tip. It really is personal preference.


You can also try the Kivin Method, if you"re feeling really brave. It insurance claims to acquire women and people through vulvas come orgasm in a matter of minutes... Whether you believe that or not, it"s funny to try! So rather than comes at oral sex indigenous in in between your partner"s legs, technique it from the side and also lick up and also down.

Step 4 - asking if they choose it

Seriously, questioning if they prefer it. Not just does this add a an excellent intro to dirty talk, but also, no all vulvas are produced equal. Vulvas come in every shapes, sizes, colours, makes, models, etc, for this reason you"re going to run into some various preferences.

More press or a particular tonguing might be better for one human being versus another. They might prefer the slow, or hard, or in circles, or up and also down. If you"re currently passing this through flying colour (in which case, bravo, pal, bravo), asking how they choose it is a 100 every cent rotate on anyway.

Step 5 - obtain other bits connected

The same method some guys and also people v penises like to have their balls play with throughout a punch job, you must stimulate other parts of the vulva while you"re lapping the up choose a dog drink water.

Run your fingers under their thighs, grab your hips, or reach for your breasts and also massage those babies since they require some love, too. There are of plenty of options.

Use her fingers if lock have given enthusiastic consent. Gradually insert a finger into their vagina and also wait for their response to watch if it feels ok (or ask!) move it in and also out progressively to begin with, curling her finger up towards their stomach to hit the G-spot. Massage that gently, and also if they prefer it and agree, you can go harder and faster.

All the when remember not to neglect the clitoris.


Step 6 - move it up

Keep convert it up (unless they"re clearly really enjoy it it and also don"t want you come stop). The clitoris is very sensitive and also if girlfriend play v it too tough for too long, you"re not going to acquire anywhere. Throw some light kisses on that magic bean.

Step 7 - shot using sex toys

Using a sex toy when going under on someone can give friend a gold ticket come cums-ville. If they"re okay with it (ALWAYS, always CHECK), you might use a bullet, wand vibrator or clit vibrator on your clitoris while fingering them.


Step 8 - shot the Kivin method

The Kivin technique is an dental sex technique often touted as a "cunnilingus trick" that apparently helps women and also people with vulvas reach orgasm in simply three minutes. Us know, it sound dubious as hell. We"re not ones for any kind of "one size fits all" preeminence when it concerns sex. Everyone is for this reason different, for this reason there"s no means in hell the Kivin technique can occupational for everyone. But, as lengthy as you understand that, and also go right into it through all the scepticism in the world, you have the right to just have actually fun make the efforts it.

So how does the Kivin technique work? Basically, girlfriend come at it from the side. Yep, instead of positioning yourself between your partner"s legs, get beside them. Raise your clit and also steady the by popping her index finger and thumb on either next of it. Then, rather of licking up and also down, go from side to side across the clit or clitoral hood (depending on how sensitive they are and also what castle like).

Step 9 - *If* lock orgasm

IF they orgasm (because no everyone will, and that"s OK!) be sure to save doing what you"re doing once they"re acquiring close. You deserve to tell they"re about to come because they"ll one of two people say, "I"m gonna cuuuum" or your breathing v quicken and they might grab her hair. Yet whatever you do, don"t prevent what you"re doing until they"ve ridden that wave.

Don"t be disheartened if castle don"t orgasm - it"s no the end goal that sex and also doesn"t recognize whether who felt pleasure or delighted in a sex-related experience.

Step 9 - High five

High five each other! eat someone the end is not complete without a high five!

How real world like come be consumed out...

In situation you needed any further guidance, the wonderful, oversharing humans of Reddit have defined how come lick someone out really well. Remember, every bodies are different and also like come be created in various ways. However these nuggets of details are super helpful.

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