When you uncover yourself in a moment-g.com-speaking country, you’ll want to have actually a range of moment-g.com greetings in your pocket.

The best method to execute this is to save a great collection of ways to to speak “Hello” and “How space you?” in moment-g.com. A good conversation in between two acquaintances leads to lasting friendships, enhanced moment-g.com skills, and also really cool adventures.

To start, we need to know the difference in between formal and also informal moment-g.com greetings—who you deserve to use lock with and also how to usage them correctly. Learning the grammatical thinking behind few of the phrases enables you to change them to suit every situation.

Overall, the best method to do the most of your endure is by starting out v that very first greeting!

¿Cómo estás?

The most commonly spoken phrase in moment-g.com greetings is, of course, ¿Cómo estás? which method “How space you?” This is an informal means to ask the existing state the a friend, acquaintance, or a new person to who you would resolve as tú. It’s essential to remember that the pronouns (, usted) space not fundamental to the question since the verb shows who is being referenced. In stimulate to adjust it come a an ext formal question, it becomes ¿Cómo está? or ¿Cómo está usted?


Let’s sheathe the Basics

moment-g.com have the right to be simple to use when you know the basic rules. Below are a couple of questions to ask you yourself when acquiring prepared to use moment-g.com greetings:

Who room you talk to?

Is the human a girlfriend or, rather, her friend’s grandmother? While talking to friends, classmates, and also other acquaintances, particularly of the same peer group, it’s better to use informal language. You have the right to refer to them together or exercise some indigenous or paragraph in slang, such together ¿Qué onda? which method “What’s up?” transparent Latin America.

However, you have to use officially language if you speak to someone that is older than you, a work colleague or superior, or a human you do not recognize well. In this case, making use of usted and also avoiding slang is a must.

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Do the verb and also the noun agree?

In other words, execute they go together (like I and am)? The most common verb because that greetings is estar, which means “to be” and also refers come the momentary state you asking around (“How space you appropriate now?” / “How have actually you been lately?”).

Particularly because that greetings, you want to make note of the difference between the two singular second-person pronouns, tú (informal) and usted (formal). Be certain to note the alters of verb in the two scenarios below.

How many world you space greeting?

Did friend run right into a team of friends? carry out you see two of your moment-g.com teachers having coffee at a café? when talking to an ext than one person, you will use the plural form of the 2nd person pronoun, ustedes.

How have actually You Been?

Similar to English, if you’d favor to ask exactly how someone’s been, because you haven’t seen them in a while, you will use ha + estado because that usted and has + estado because that tú. Check out the chart below for much more details.


Example Greetings

Hola, Juan. ¿Cómo has estado? Hey, Juan! How have you been?

¡Saludos! ¿Cómo está usted?Greetings! how are you?

¡Oye, amigos! ¿Cómo han estado? Hey, guys! How have you all been?

¡Hola, mi amor! ¿Cómo estás? Hi, love. Exactly how are you?

Would you like to listen a native moment-g.com speak say these? check out our video clip lesson top top moment-g.com Greetings!

Master perform of moment-g.com Greetings

Now the we have actually some the the ground rule laid out, you can readjust any the the following examples to fit your conversation. Although there are numerous ways come greet an additional person, right here is a understand list that the most renowned moment-g.com greetings:


Unique Greetings

Some greetings are unique to specific countries. Check out few of these examples:


Formal Greetings

Whenever you are in a official setting, prefer a job interview or expert setting, be certain to usage the following:


Formal and Informal Greetings

Some greetings deserve to be provided both in a formal and informal setting. Store these in psychic if you are not certain how skilled the situation is:


Greeting Rituals in Latin America

Whenever you decide to usage your supervisor stockpile of conversation starters, you will want to know how to execute the well. That is come say, you’ll desire to know what to do with your body while friend talk.

In themajority the Latin cultures, the greeting rituals space likely really different from what you’re used to. Markedly, kissing, hugging, and also physical closeness are quite common. You will desire to know just how to plot in each circumstance, depending upon with who you space interacting.

With Friends and also Relatives

A popular means to greet friend is by hugging. That is used between people who know each other well or on one-of-a-kind occasions. Additionally, hugging is acceptable when you have been away for a lengthy time without seeing one another, to congratulate someone, or to express condolences.

Another popular way to greet family, friends, casual acquaintances, and brand-new people is through a kiss. Frequently, the kiss go not result in physical call of the lips to cheek, yet instead it is an ext of a graze of cheek against cheek.

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In a Professional Setting

The most common way to speak hello in the professional civilization is through a handshake. While doing so, girlfriend must always look the other person in the eye. Failure to execute so deserve to be interpreted as a absence of self-confidence or also malicious intent.

Moreover, the handshake should be fast and also firm, yet delicate. A quick handshake may display a lack of interest and also motivation, when too long a handshake might be misinterpreted.

Test Yourself

That’s a lot of to find out in one lesson! In bespeak to aid yourself absorb the product you’re learning around moment-g.com greetings, shot out this small test. What is each phrase saying? Is the greeting formal or informal?

Buenos días profesor, ¿qué tal?¿Cómo has estado, hermana?Hola amigos, ¿qué hay de nuevo?¿Qué tal se encuentra usted?¿Cómo car ha ido?

Look for the answer below!

The importance of Greetings

As presented above, over there are plenty of ways come greet new friends or acquaintances in moment-g.com. By practicing castle as frequently as possible, friend will begin to feel much more comfortable making use of them. Additionally, girlfriend will find that girlfriend have much better conversations and learn more about others. Offer it a shot and check out for yourself!


an excellent morning teacher, how’s the going? (formal)How have actually you been, sister? (informal)Hi friends, what’s new? (informal)How room you? (formal)How’s it been going? (informal)

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