‘Chava’ is a slang word that Mexican speakers use to contact a young woman. Together a result, this word means ‘girl’. In Spanish speak countries, it’s the nickname for Salvador.

What go ‘Chava’ mean?

Translation #1: it is the mexico slang word because that ‘girl’. As a result, it’s only provided to talk about young women. Translation #2: It’s a an extremely popular nickname because that Salvador. Translation #3.

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Young Mexicans also use this word come express that someone is inexperienced.

How and When to usage ‘Chava’?

To to speak ‘girl’. This indigenous is widely supplied in Mexico as a synonym of ‘girl’. If you want to speak ‘boy’, you would usage the male kind ‘chavo’. Back in English ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ could be provided to talk about children, ‘Chavo’ and ‘Chava’ are used to talk about young men and also women.


The following instances are going to help you to understand just how to usage this slang word better.

As a synonym of ‘girl’

Mira, esta es mi chava Look, this is mine girl

Esa chava de allá es mi prima that girl end there is mine cousin

La chava de la tienda es muy grosera The girl native the save is very rude

As a nickname because that Salvador

Although Salvador is a name for men, ‘Chava’ is the nickname that Spanish speakers use. As a result, friend don’t have actually to issue about an altering its gender.

Chava es el novio de mi hermana Chava is my sister’s boyfriend

Karina y Chava fueron a la fiesta Karina and also Chava saw the party

To refer that someone is inexperienced

If you want to usage ‘chavo’ or ‘chava’ together inexperienced, you necessarily need to use the verb ‘estar’. Right here are some instances of this famous expression:

Tenle paciencia, está chavo be patient with him, he’s for this reason inexperienced

¿No sabes que es el vodka? ¡Estás chava! girlfriend don’t know what vodka is? You room so inexperienced

Who deserve to You use This native With?

‘Chava’ as a synonym that girl or as a nickname because that Salvador are really popular among all Mexicans, therefore you deserve to use lock in every situations. However, the slang expression ‘Estar chava/estar chavo’ is only supplied by young people, so girlfriend won’t hear that in formal situations.

Other ways to to speak ‘Chava’

Although this native is really popular, in Mexico, we have different synonyms that you can use to say ‘girl’.

ChicaMuchacha Morra This slang indigenous is just used amongst young people, so you can’t use it in formal situations. Señorita This synonym is an extremely formal. Usually is provided in institutions or in the news. Joven ‘La joven’ is an extremely formal.

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So you’ll find this indigenous in the news or official situations.