Weight and also Center of gravity (cog, cg, cm) Measurement

The center of heaviness (CG) ar averages every the weight of an object and identifies a balance point. It"s a an essential mass building in the fields of aerospace, defense, automotive and related sectors for the performance and also safety that products. Center of gravity measurement tools are useful in a range of applications. Because that example, they assist pinpoint the flight attributes of an item and align thrusters for directly travel. While center of heaviness measurement have the right to be complex and demanding, we manufacture state-of-the-art gadgets to simplify the procedure and provide exceptional accuracy. We offer many varieties of tools to measure up / test facility of heaviness (also described as center of mass). We sell 26 standard models. Numerous of these incorporate weight measurement together well.

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Our CG Measurement instrument Models Include:

WCG High-Accuracy Series

our WCG line tests items up to 2,850 lbs, v ultra-high sensitivity models available. These instruments use a pack cell mechanism to measure the ar of center of gravity making use of a weighted average. To measure up an object, simply reduced it onto the triangular table and position it loved one to maker zero. The third CG coordinate can be measured after ~ rolling an item 90 degrees. CG accuracy relies on test object weight, center of gravity height, fixture accuracy and also leveling. Less than one minute is compelled to do a measurement, therefore these instruments are ideally suitable to high volume production. This kind of tool is regularly used to measure "black boxes" provided in aircraft and also missiles. The five standard C collection models room a lower-cost different and perfect for basic purpose applications. Us recommend them because that laboratories that don"t need the highest possible precision.

SE90168 manufacturing Series

Models offer rapid dimensions of items under 300 lbs. Weight and CG have the right to be measured simultaneously using one of our SE90168 series instruments. The SE90168 series of weight and also CG instruments is designed for the quick measurement that weight and CG with the level the accuracy linked with a high-volume manufacturing environment. 4 standard models provide medium accuracy and also convenience. SE90168 instruments can take a dual-axis measurement once an object is positioned onto the square or triangle plate. Similar to the WCG Series, SE90168 instruments can measure a third CG coordinate. Automated operation software makes CG measure a seamless process.

SE8913 Small Payload Series

SE8913 tools use a dual-axis center of heaviness instrument because that high accuracy measure up of the CG place of objects weighing approximately 33 pounds. This is completed by measure the unbalance moment due to the test item’s CG displacement indigenous the center of the rotary table. The manual version needs the operator to calculation the CG location from the moment readout. The automatic range converts raw data right into two-axis CG analysis on a Windows computer system interface. A third CG axis is obtainable with refixturing. Note that the instrument does not measure minute of inertia or weight.

SE199 & SE300 Microbalances

this compact tools are ideal for very tiny items (e.g., bullets) and record CG to +/-0.002". Make use of these tools to measure the weight and also precisely locate the CG that very little test objects. Castle are specifically well suitable to locating the axial position of the facility of gravity of bullets and other tiny projectiles. The pair of microbalance models is an easy to set up and operate for gathering weight and CG data from many payload exam in succession. With the aid of our active moment transducers, minute sensitivity up to 0.01 g-mm is obtainable — a degree that far outperforms other instruments of this type.

Weight and CG of huge Objects and also Spacecraft

Bulky and intricately shame objects should be measured for weight and also CG through the exact same intended accuracy as smaller objects. We get rid of the difficulties of CG measurement through payloads the exceed 10,000 pounds by engineering instruments and also hardware into distinctive testing fixtures. Our employee can incorporate a equipment that it is intended the very same exacting requirements for accuracy and also stability you intend from our other mass properties tools. Also, view our full Mass Properties page for tools that check both MOI and also COG.

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