Judy and Jerry Kent Family Sea Lion Sound is a 1.5-acre spectacular exhibit ideal in the heart of the Zoo. For the first time everywhere in phibìc America, visitors can walk v an underwater tunnel right into the sea lions" habitat to check out the pets swimming all approximately them!

This $18 million, 1.5 acre exhibit provides a naturalistic setup for the pets in a landscape influenced by the Pacific Northwest coast.

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Sea Lion Habitats

Enterprise Rent-A-Car household Sea Lion Landing is a spacious, year-round the end pool and also habitat that functions varying depths of water and rocky outcroppings. In ~ one finish of the pool is a shallow beach where pets can go for sunlight bathing, feeding and training. One of the notable attributes is a spectacular 35-foot-long underwater city hall tunnel, Holekamp Aqua Tunnel, wherein visitors have the right to see animals swimming around them. The water i do not care deeper in ~ the other finish of the pool, where visitors uncover an expansive window at the Underwater Cove to watch the sea lions underwater.

Admission to Sea Lion Landing is free.

animal Care

Sea Lion Sound likewise has a new Sea Lion care Center. A different space specialized to the animals, the staff and life assistance systems, this basic provides advanced care and also management for marine mammals.

Efficient new systems room expected to save 11 million gallons the water each year at Sea Lion Sound. The brand-new habitat is a saltwater setting containing virtually 250,000 gallons the water.

Sustainable Seafood and Ocean Conservation

All maritime mammals are protected by the commonwealth regulated marine Mammal security Act. Despite California sea lions and also harbor seals are noted as "common" and also not currently endangered in the wild, other marine species are.

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Ocean pets are frequently accidentally recorded during advertisement fishing for various other fish. It"s crucial that consumers purchase seafood from carriers that farm yard or fish in means that will ensure the long-term health and wellness of the world"s oceans, rivers and lakes. Visitors can pick up a Midwest Seafood watch Pocket guide at the Zoo for a perform of encourage seafood selections (and those that are not recommended). A card can additionally be downloaded here.

Here are a couple of ways the humans have the right to make a difference for marine mammals and also other s inhabitants:

• Dispose of rubbish properly, and also avoid using plastic bags – it have the right to all finish up in the ocean. • maintain water and also energy use. • Recycle paper, plastic, aluminum and also glass. • mitigate the amount of chemicals supplied on lawns and also gardens. • Eat seafood assets that space sustainable. • Reduce, reuse and also recycle. Happen it on!


Sea Lion SoundPhoto by Robin Winkelman/Saint louis Zoo
California sea lion swimming underwater at Sea Lion SoundPhoto by Robin Winkelman