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November 25, 2013 What execute you get when you overcome an X through a Y? November 25, 2013/ Alan Headbloom

On camera:

For all of you science students in the audience, you know that the job-related of genetics is to mix various kinds of attributes to watch what happens. Because that example, a cross in between a horse and a donkey results in a mule. If you breed a poodle with a Labrador, you acquire a Labradoodle.

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This rule of mixing—or crossing—two breeds is in ~ the love of a popular kind that American riddle. Certain kinds the jokes have actually a style that Americans will recognize, so in this case, if you start by saying, “What carry out you obtain if girlfriend cross…?” lock will recognize this is a riddle, and also they deserve to either assumption: v the answer, or if they have actually no idea, they will say, “I don’t know” or “I provide up.”

Here’s an example.

What do you obtain if you cross an elephant v a rhino?

Give up?


Now, if friend didn’t recognize the joke, there will certainly be an explanation on ours website under the ar What’s therefore Funny? There, you will also find few of my favourite jokes that begin “What carry out you acquire if girlfriend cross…?” That’s every for now. Ns hope quickly you have the right to start laughing together with your American friends.

What’s so Funny?

The answer, “eleph-ino” sounds like the an initial half the “elephant” and also the last part of “rhino.” However, it also sounds prefer the expression “(the) hell if i know.” This means, “I have actually no idea” or “I don’t recognize at all.” The curse word “hell” is typically not accompanied by “the.” If that is, it usually works to add a sense of negation (“not at all”) as over or a feeling of solid criticism or difficulty (“What in the hell are you doing?”).

Since the word “hell” is taken into consideration slightly crude or strong, the is not safe to use in all conversations. What makes this joke funny is not pronouncing the “h” in (h)ell_if_I_know and technically staying clear of the usage of the actual word.

This form of hoax is sometimes dubbed mix-and-match or criss-cross jokes. Right here are part clever ones.

Q: What carry out you gain if you overcome a cow through a trampoline?

A: A milkshake.


Q: What do you acquire if you overcome a cat through Father Christmas?

A: Santa Claws.


Q: What carry out you gain if you cross a turkey v an octopus?

A: sufficient drumsticks in ~ Thanksgiving for everyone.


Q: What perform you obtain when you overcome an insomniac, an agnostic, and also a dyslexic?

A: someone who continues to be up every night wonder if there is a Dog.


Q: What execute you obtain if you cross a chicken through a bell?

A: An alarm cluck.

If friend don’t know some of these, ask your American neighborhood or co-worker to explain them.

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