The atom number is variety of protons in the atom. The variety of electrons is additionally equal come the atom number due to the fact that the atom being neutral . The number of protons add to the number of neutrons represents the number of nucleons.

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For a given atomic number, there may exist different isotopes whose distinction lies in the variety of neutrons.

The atom of each element is consisted of of electrons, protons and neutrons. All atoms of the same neutral aspect have the same variety of protons and electrons however the number of neutrons can differ. Atom of the same facet but various neutrons are dubbed isotopes. Since of these isotope it becomes vital to develop a notation to differentiate one isotope from one more - the atomic symbol. 

Limiting factors, together as transporting capacity, competition between species, organic resources, food, shelter, water, adaptation to the environment, etc.

Which nerve in the lumbar plexus is existing in only about 10% that the population? A : accessory obturator nerve B : obturator ner

A : accessory obturator nerve


The accessory obturator nerve -found in about ten every cent of the population- is put medial come the psoas major and anterior come the obturator nerve. It has a small size and emerges native the ventral departments of the third and fourth lumbar nerves.

The obturator nerve is situated on the ventral departments of the second, 3rd and fourth lumbar nerves in the lumbar plexus; the genitofemoral nerve is put in the abdomen; the iliohypogastric nerve occurs in the lumbar plexus and involves the lateral gluteal area and transverse abdominal muscle muscles; when the ilioinguinal nerve operates native the an initial lumbar nerve come the iliohypogastric nerve.

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A steel body of fixed 81 g rectal a volume the 30 cm3. Determine the metal.
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The thickness of Aluminum is 2.7 g/cm3

We recognize the volume and mass the the unknown metal, as density is mass/volume: 81g/30cm3 = 2.7 g/cm3 i beg your pardon is the thickness of Aluminum :)

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Read 2 an ext moment-g.coms

an individual has th gentype DdTt through one chromosome include the D and also T alleles and also the homologous chromosome cantaining th
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1. As given, an individual has genotype DdTt

One chromosome save D and also T allele and homologous have actually d and also t alleles.

2. For this reason here, DdTt is split by meiosis and produce 4 gametes having actually DT, Dt, dT and dt.

As given, map distance is 26 cm, way total recombination frequency is 26%,

So total recombinant gametes room 26%

3. Non-recombinant or Parental gametes space DT and also dt.

total recombinant gametes are Dt and also dT.

So, the percentage of gametes containing Dt allele is= total reombinant/2= 26/2


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What is rho?explain ​
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Resistivity, generally symbolized by the Greek letter rho, ρ, is quantitatively same to the resistance R the a specimen such together a wire, multiply by the cross-sectional area A, and also divided by its length l; ρ = RA/l. The unit the resistance is the ohm.

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