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The similarity in between refraction and diffraction is the both of these phenomena show off the capacity of a wave to readjust the direction that its propagation. In instance of refraction, a wave alters direction as it the cross the boundary in between two media. The diffraction is identified as "bending" the a wave...

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The similarity in between refraction and diffraction is that both of this phenomena indicate the ability of a tide to readjust the direction the its propagation. In instance of refraction, a wave transforms direction together it crosses the boundary in between two media. The diffraction is characterized as "bending" the a wave around an obstacle the blocks its course of propagation.

Waves of any nature—mechanical, such together waves top top the water surface, or electromagnetic, such as light—can undergo both refraction and diffraction.

One can observe refraction by placing a straw or a pencil in a glass half-filled through water. If one looks at the straw with a next of the glass, it will appear broken at the surface of the water. This is due to the fact that the light changes direction as it enters the water native the air and vice versa.

A rainbow is another natural instance of refraction of clearly shows light. As soon as light enters and also exits water droplets in the air, the irradiate waves of various frequency (different colors) come the end at different angles v the initial direction. Therefore, observers ~ above the ground see the irradiate separated into a spectrum of several colors.

The diffraction of irradiate is tough to observe in everyday life since the clearly shows light has a really short wavelength (400 to 700 nanometers). However, we frequently experience the diffraction that sound—a mechanical wave, developed by sports in air pressure. We have the right to hear who speaking from around the corner due to the fact that sound deserve to bend roughly the wall, which features as the obstacle to the propagation. Us can likewise observe exactly how the waves produced on the surface of a pond or a lake diffract around the rocks or various other objects in the water.

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Please see attached reference attach for the more discussion and also illustration of refraction and also diffraction.