There’s a lot of to learn when it comes to bearded dragon eggs. Together an owner, you have to understand how to incubate them and also how come tell if the eggs are abundant or no (among other things).

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It can all it seems to be ~ a little bit intimidating in ~ first.

But nothing worry, that not practically as difficult as the seems. As lengthy as you take a couple of minutes to discover the straightforward principles that the egg-laying and also development procedure you’ll be just fine!

Signs that A bearded Dragon Is all set To place Eggs

Contrary to famous belief, your female mustache dragon doesn’t need to have a male roughly to lay eggs. Prefer chickens, bearded dragons are completely capable of laying infertile eggs. even being approximately males because that a brief period could create the egg-laying process.

If her bearded dragon was about a male at any suggest in the last year, there’s likewise the possibility that she eggs could be fertilized. Females have the right to hold onto sperm for as much as a year until she’s ready to lay eggs.

This can take place as beforehand as 10 months old to several years right into adulthood.

Whatever the case may be, there room several signs that her bearded dragon is ready to put eggs. Once a woman is developing eggs she has not however laid, she’s referred to as gift gravid.


Gravid females often exhibit strange behaviors as the eggs thrive inside her. Lock often come to be lethargic and spend an ext time basking under the warmth lamp. The egg-laying process takes a physical toll ~ above the lizard, for this reason you could see she eat less food or have much more frequent bowel movements.

It takes roughly three weeks because that the egg to develop inside her. Throughout the latter component of this stage, you’ll an alert her belly obtaining bigger. Once she’s gaining ready come lay those eggs, you’ll have the ability to see and also feel lock under she skin.

At this point, her behavior will get more erratic. She will start to look because that a place to place the eggs. She might start digging into the substrate frantically or clawing at the corners of the enclosure.

This is because her eggs space coming and also she wants to prepare!

How plenty of Eggs execute They Lay?

Bearded dragons have the right to lay up to 20 eggs at once. A single group of eggs is referred to as a clutch.

Expert Tip: as soon as the female is excellent laying she clutch of eggs, there might be more to come! bearded dragons can lay number of clutches over the course of a few months.

How to Incubate moustache Dragon Eggs

If your bearded dragon lays eggs, you have to do what you deserve to to aid the procedure along. This lizards have the right to experience several problems during the birthing process.

Not only that, however they may start to eat their eggs come replenish some of those nutrient they shed when they to be gravid.

Whether you’re on your an initial successful reproduction attempt or the eggs came as a surprise, here are some things you need to do to incubate and also care because that the eggs.

1. Carry out A location For The Female come Lay her Eggs

First points first, you have actually to offer your mustache dragon the method to place the eggs safely.

As we stated earlier, females will start looking for a ar to lay your eggs when the time gets close. A conventional enclosure is not always the ideal place to lay the eggs.

Bearded dragons choose to tunnel a hole and bury their eggs. Opportunities are, there’s not sufficient depth in her standard enclosure to do this.

This means you’ll need to create a nesting box.

Fill a little plastic container with around five to 6 inches of substrate. You have the right to use reptile dirt or vermiculite. Moisten the substrate with some water. This will raise the humidity levels of the environment.

You must moisten the substrate enough so that it clumps increase a bit. But, don’t soak it and leave was standing water. This will certainly only reason mold issues.

Now, place the nesting box right into her enclosure. Make sure that the heat lamps are on to save the crate warm.

You can additionally create a different nesting enclosure. Simply make sure that you’re giving the brand-new environment and substrate a opportunity to warmth up before putting she inside.

Once her bearded dragon is done laying her eggs, you have the right to remove she from the enclosure. Make certain that you’re offering her with plenty that food and fresh water. She’s going to require some time come replenish her body ~ the ordeal.

Expert Tip: sell her some high-protein snacks and dust any food with calcium. Bearded dragons traction calcium from their skeletons when developing eggs, so high-calcium foods items are a must.

2. Ar The egg In an Incubation Box

You deserve to keep the eggs in the nesting box, however this requires constant monitoring to save humidity levels and also temperatures at a safe level. This is no easy task, so many breeders will simply use one incubator.

Before placing the eggs into the incubator, friend must move them to a different incubator box. This can be a straightforward plastic container v a snug lid.

Expert Tip: Don’t poke any kind of holes in the container. You desire the humidity levels to increase inside.

Line the bottom of the box with an inch or two of the incubation medium. You deserve to use a commercial incubation substrate. Many breeders likewise like to use perlite or vermiculite.

The incubation medium will host onto moisture to store humidity level constant. Don’t forget come moisten the tool a bit!

Create a tiny divot in the substrate so the the eggs have the right to rest in it there is no rolling over. Arrange the eggs so the they’re about two to three centimeters apart. This will administer ample room for growth as the eggs build even further.

3. Placed The box In one Incubator

Now, it’s simply a matter of moving the prepared incubator box to your incubation machine. Prior to you carry out that, you’ll require to collection the maker correctly.

Temperatures should be in between 80 and 85 levels Fahrenheit. about 84 degrees is a good average to target for. Slim fluctuations here and also there room fine as lengthy as the incubator sticks in ~ the acceptable range.

Humidity levels need to be high together well. Aim for approximately 75 percent. check the temperature and humidity levels routinely to ensure that the environment is stable.

4. Screen The Eggs throughout Incubation

All you have the right to do currently is wait and also monitor the eggs as they develop. Bearded dragon eggs will take anywhere in between 55 and also 75 days come hatch. throughout this prolonged incubation period, you have to make certain that the eggs are arising properly.

In enhancement to maintaining an eye on temperature and also humidity, you’ll need to look the end for mold. You have the right to wipe away any condensation on the incubation crate lids. But, you need to make sure that the excess humidity isn’t falling top top the eggs.

Mold creates when there’s too lot moisture in the environment. As long as you preserve humidity levels and be careful around how friend clean off condensation, you shouldn’t have to worry about mold.

If you’re not certain if the eggs room fertilized, you can inspect for an embryo after about a main or two. Known as candling, this process is really simple. However, you must be extra careful.

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Rough taking care of of the eggs can kill the embryo inside, for this reason be really gentle. Merely lift the egg and also shine a bright light behind it.