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We very first hear that Dan Cody top top the enchanted--and rainy--afternoon the Daisy and also Gatsby first reunite after 5 years. Gatsby is reflecting Daisy the house with Nick in tow. Nick stop in prior of a large photograph of an old guy in a "yachting costume." The snapshot hangs over Gatsby"s...

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We an initial hear of Dan Cody top top the enchanted--and rainy--afternoon that Daisy and also Gatsby first reunite after 5 years. Gatsby is showing Daisy the home with Nick in tow. Nick stops in former of a huge photograph of one old guy in a "yachting costume." The photo hangs end Gatsby"s desk and "attracted" Nick. Nick asks who it is. Gatsby tells him it"s Dan Cody and then says:

He"s dead now. He provided to be my best friend years ago.

Given exactly how mysterious and also misrepresented Gatsby"s past has actually so far been, this photo and also Gatsby"s statement that Dan to be his "best friend" offer important and also concrete glimpses into his real past. However they continue to be glimpses because that now. For once Daisy sees a little photo the Gatsby, taken once was around 18, she exclaims

I adore the ... You never ever told me you had a pompadour--or a yacht

Gatsby hurries her previous it without any explanation, diverting her through newspaper clippings he has actually gathered, around her, Daisy.

We discover out later why Gatsby rushed Daisy past the photo. The yacht was never Gatsby"s but Dan Cody"s. We learn that Gatsby, then called James Gatz and also the child of poor parents, look at the yacht top top Lake Michigan while "loafing on the coast in a torn environment-friendly jersey and a pair that canvas pants."

The yacht drifting ~ above the water ignites and focalizes Gatz"s desire. He desires what that represents and by the moment he is rowing the end to it, that had come to be "Jay Gatsby," a reinvented person on his way up.

James Gatz/Gatsby had recently left St. Olaf"s, a small Lutheran college that had actually shamed him by forcing him to work-related as a janitor to knife his tuition. As soon as he arrived at the yacht, he met Cody, 50 and a self-made millionaire. We are told the the yacht "represented every the beauty and also glamour in the world" come Gatz/Gatsby. Noting the Gatsby is "quick and also extravagantly ambitious," Cody takes that under his wing, buying him new clothes and bringing him v him to the West Indies as an assistant "in a vague personal capacity." Cody grows to to trust Gatsby much more and an ext over the next five years, until Cody dies. He pipeline Gatsby $25,000, which Gatsby is cheated out of, however that doesn"t seem to matter: the real legacy Cody has offered Gatsby is a "singularly ideal education"--in what we can guess is do money in shady ways--and the legacy of having helped his young friend mature from a teenage boy right into a man.

Nick leads united state to doubt that back Gatsby might name Cody as his "best friend," the education and also maturity Cody offered Gatsby veered to the dark side. Nick describes Cody together a male "with a difficult empty face," calling him a "pioneer debauchee" and also one who brought "savage violence." Nick suspects the it is Cody"s abuse that alcohol that keeps Gatsby indigenous drinking.

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The story argues that Cody offered Gatsby a difficult schooling in life, with ideas that Cody was attracted to Gatsby sexually: Gatsby, young and also handsome, i do not care the "debauchee" Cody"s intimate assistant in "a vague an individual capacity," is dressed through him, left money by him and also trusted through him. But whatever the nature of your relationship, Cody was Gatsby"s ticket out of a poor and dead-end life. Cody offered Gatsby his start, and also it is poignant and telling the the secretive Gatsby keeps a big photo of him hanging end his desk.