The Dominican Republic flag has actually a large main white cross and, ideal in the middle, the coat of eight is crowned with a blue ribbon the reads: 'God, Homeland and also Freedom'.

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Evangélico Digital, AICA · 29 SEPTEMBER 2021 · 10:05 CET


At the recent Olympic gamings in Tokyo, Dominican athlete Marileidy Paulino (24) celebrated her 400 metres silver- medal elevating the Dominican flag in one hand and her holy bible in the other.

The flag she to be holding also bore a Bible, since there is only one country in the human being that has the Biblewaving top top its flag: the Dominican Republic, a beautiful Caribbean island recognized by the warmth and also fervour the its people.

At very first glance, the flag has actually a large central white cross and, right in the middle, in ~ its heart, is the Coat the Arms, which contains an open scriptures topped by a little cross.

Furthermore, the gospel, chapter and also verse displayed was purposely chosen. The is john 8, 32: “They will know the truth and the truth will set them free”.


For the self-reliance fighters, that was essential to highlight liberty in the vast sense in your patriotic symbols, but likewise specifically, the freedom that comes from faith and an excellent principles, those that allow to discern between great and evil.

At times, politicians decide to usage a variation of the flag the does not screen the coat of arms, yet many protest since they take into consideration it disrespectful to the Christian worths of their nation.

The truth of God occupies a central place in the life of many Dominicans, together their official flag reflects. Some even believe that the is this Christian devotion that protects them native the natural tragedies that have hit, for example, adjoining Haiti.

Designed over 100 years ago

The architecture of the coat of arms to be devised by the Dominican politician Casimiro Nemesio de Moya and also it was made official in 1913. Its attributes were identified in the short article 32 that its Constitution:

“The nationwide Coat that Arms has the same colours, i ordered it in the same way, as the nationwide flag. It bears a holy bible open in John, chapter 8, city 32 in the centre, and above the a cross, which emerge from a trophy composed of 2 spears and also four nationwide flags without shields, i ordered it on both sides; it additionally bears a laurel branch top top the left side and a palm branch ~ above the ideal side.

It is crowned v an ultramarine blue ribbon which reads: 'God, Homeland and Freedom'. there is additionally a vermilion-red ribbon in ~ the bottom the the shield, who ends confront upwards through the indigenous 'Dominican Republic'”.

The national Coat of eight is quadrilateral, with the upper corners protruding and the reduced corners rounded, arranged to kind a perfect square.

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The just one in the world

There are other countries that have consisted of Christian symbols on your flag, with the cross being the main protagonist. Because that example, the famous Union Jack in the joined Kingdom, made up of a mix of the the cross of the patron saints that England (St George), Scotland (St Andrew) and also Northern Ireland (St Patrick).