A lever is a machine made that a bar or rod (called one arm) which transforms on a point called a fulcrum. A pressure (or effort) is offered to move an object (or load).

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You have the right to use a lever either to make it simpler to relocate the load or to do the load move faster.

When the pack is nearer the fulcrum 보다 the effort, it is less complicated to move.When the fill is further from the fulcrum 보다 the effort, it moves faster.


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This video clip is a short advent to classes of levers.

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Classes of levers:



A course 1 lever has the fulcrum in between the load and effort.When the load and also effort room on opposite sides of the fulcrum, they relocate in the contrary directions.

Class 1 levers deserve to be provided to do it less complicated to move things or do the object move faster, relying on where the load and also effort room placed.

The catapult in the bill Nye video clip is a course 1 lever. It accelerates the pack (empty water bottle) through placing it farther indigenous the fulcrum 보다 the pressure (weights attached to the arm).The water party takes off as soon as the weights space dropped.

A claw hammer used to traction nails is a first class lever that places the load near the fulcrum to make it much easier to move. You position the pond (load) close to the head that the hammer (fulcrum) and also push at the end of the lengthy handle (effort).

A pair that pliers is two course 1 levers associated together, through the load put near the fulcrum to acquire a solid grip.



A class 2 lever has actually the load between the fulcrum and the effort. Due to the fact that the load and also effort room on the same side, they move in the exact same direction.

In a class 2 lever, the load is constantly closer to the fulcrum than the effort,so course 2 levers are used to do it much easier to relocate the load.

The lifting activity of a wheelbarrow is a course 2 lever. You can lift hefty rocks in the barrow (load) by lifting top top the end of the handles (effort),which are additional from the wheel"s axle (fulcrum) than the barrow.

A nutcracker combine two class 2 levers together.The seed (load) is near the fulcrum, make it straightforward to cracked by advertise on that from both sides, using the handles (effort).



A course 3 lever has the effort between the fulcrum and the load. Due to the fact that the load and effort space on the exact same side, they relocate in the exact same direction.

In a class 3 lever, the initiative is always closer to the fulcrum 보다 the load,so class 3 levers are provided to make the pack move faster.

The sweeping activity of a broom is a course 3 lever. You pivot the handle of the broom close to the top (fulcrum) and also push the manage near the middle (effort) so the the bristles in ~ the other finish (load) will quickly sweep across the floor.

A fishing rod is an additional class 3 lever. You pivot the rod in ~ one finish (fulcrum) andlift the rod near the middle (effort) so the the line at the other finish (load) will quickly lift the fish out of the water.

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Tongs are an example of two course 3 levers put together. Tongs deserve to beused once you don"t need the type of force you get from a course 1 pliers or a class 2 nutcracker. You might not require speed either, however you don"t want to use your fingers to choose up hot food or cold ice. Tweezers room a similarexample.