Firestar’s critical life was provided up fighting in the an excellent Battle/against Tigerstar. Also though many human being think a tree fell on him (a tree did fall, however not on him), the was killed from his wounds.

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How go fireheart die?

Firestar, as the 4th cat in the prophecy, fought in the good Battle and also lost his last life due to wounds. He proceeds to watch over the cat by the lake from StarClan, and guides medicine cats v the prophecies that gives.

Who is the meanest warrior cat?

Most angry Warrior Cats

Tigerstar Tigerstar is a villain in the Warriors collection by Erin Hunter. Brokenstar Brokenstar is a villain character indigenous the Warrior cats series. Scourge Scourge is a rogue the Warrior cats series. Hawkfrost Hawkfrost is a rogue character from the warrior series. Darkstripe.

What is the saddest warrior cat death?

Firestar’s fatality may it is in the saddest, however Bluestar’s is by much the most shocking and also tragic of castle all. It’s therefore happy and sad in ~ the exact same time as soon as she reconciles through her kits and also it’s heart-warming to establish she wasn’t crazy.

Who is climbed petals mate?


DaughtersCherryflame, Dawncloud, Cloudpelt, Waterpaw
SonsHawkecho, Ravenstone, Darkheart, Rainkit (Dead), Stormtalon, Thornbush, Sagewhisker, Foxspring, Emberpaw
Close FriendsBreezesong; Purespirit

Can Millie speak dog?

Millie comes to his rescue by revealing that she can speak dog and also telling the dogs to walk away. She teaches the barn cats exactly how to speak dog so the they deserve to stand approximately the dogs.

Is Bramblestar dead?

Bramblestar eventually fell ill, and also without the accuse of StarClan, that died. However, a soul possessed his human body instead, leaving Bramblestar trapped as a ghost and also the spirit posing as the ThunderClan leader.

Does Crowfeather die?

During the journey, Crowpaw drops in love v Feathertail and is devastated when she dies. In ~ his warrior ceremony, Crowpaw asks Tallstar to surname him Crowfeather in respect of Feathertail….


How plenty of lives go Harestar have actually left?

Harestar’s Nine lives | Warrior Cats: A leader’s ripe Lives.

Who is Onestars son?


Who is Harestar?

Harestar is a lithe, brown-and-white tom with sleek fur. Harestar is the current leader that WindClan in the lake territories. He to be apprenticed together Harepaw come Tornear, and after ending up being a warrior, Harespring trained in the Dark Forest.

Who is Darktails mother?

Darktail was a rogue in the lake regions who brought disaster come the Clans. He was born to Smoke and Onestar in the old forest and also had brothers that passed away after birth.

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Is Twigbranch a girl?

Twigbranch is a slender, gray she-cat with environment-friendly eyes. She has actually fluffy and glossy fur, and also her ear-tip is sliced.

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