Refer to the exhibit. Which two settings can be changed to improve security top top the wireless network? (Choose two.)

network mode


radio band

large channel

typical channel

SSID broadcast

40. Fill in the empty using a number.

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The minimum Ethernet framework size is............. Bytes. Anything smaller than that should be thought about a "runt frame."

exactly Answer: 64


describe the exhibit. A network engineer is attempting to connect to a new router to do the initial configuration. The technician connects a rollover cable native the serial port of a pc to the Aux harbor on the router, then configures HyperTerminal as shown. The technician cannot obtain a login prompt in HyperTerminal. What would solve the problem?

Connect to the Ethernet port on the PC.

readjust connection settings to even parity.

move the cable come the router console port.

usage a crossover cable rather of a rollover cable.

42. A router boots and also enters setup mode. What is the reason for this?

The IOS picture is corrupt.

Cisco IOS is lacking from speed memory.

The configuration paper is lacking from NVRAM.

The POST procedure has recognize hardware failure.


Correct Answer: 

44. A network administrator is making a new network infrastructure that contains both wired and also wireless connectivity. Under which instance would a wireless connection be recommended?

The end-user device only has an Ethernet NIC.

The end-user maker requires a devoted connection because of power requirements.

The end-user machine needs mobility when connecting to the network.

The end-user machine area has a high concentration of RFI.

45. Which gadgets should it is in secured to mitigate versus MAC address spoofing attacks?

Layer 7 devices

class 4 devices

layer 2 devices

great 3 devices

46. To revert come a ahead configuration, one administrator issues the command copy tftp startup-config top top a router and enters the host deal with and paper name as soon as prompted. After the command is completed, why walk the current configuration stay unchanged?

The command should have been copy startup-config tftp.

The configuration should have been copied to the running configuration instead.

The configuration alters were duplicated into RAM and also require a reboot to take it effect.

A TFTP server can only be supplied to restore the Cisco IOS, not the router configuration.

47. A network team is comparing physics WAN topologies because that connecting remote sites to a headquarters building. I beg your pardon topology offers high availability and associate some, yet not all, remote sites?


partial mesh

hub and spoke


48. A medium-sized service is researching obtainable options for connecting to the Internet. The firm is searching for a high speed option with dedicated, symmetric access. I beg your pardon connection kind should the company choose?




leased line

cable modem

49. What room two action performed by a Cisco switch? (Choose two.)

building a routing table that is based on the first IP address in the structure header

utilizing the resource MAC addresses the frames to build and maintain a MAC attend to table

forwarding frames v unknown destination IP addresses to the default gateway

using the MAC attend to table to front frames via the destination MAC address

evaluating the location MAC attend to to add new entries to the MAC attend to table

50. I beg your pardon router configuration mode would one administrator usage to configure the router for SSH or Telnet login access?





privileged EXEC

51. What info is added during encapsulation at OSI class 3?

source and destination MAC

resource and location application protocol

resource and location port number

resource and destination IP attend to


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Refer come the exhibit. I beg your pardon layer that the OSI version would style data in this way?



data link



53. I m sorry IPv6 address notation is valid?





54. Open up the PT Activity. Carry out the jobs in the task instructions and also then prize the question.

What is the an enig keyword that is shown on the internet page?






55. The ARP table in a move maps which two varieties of attend to together?

Layer 3 resolve to a layer 2 address

layer 3 address to a layer 4 address

layer 4 address to a class 2 address

class 2 deal with to a layer 4 address

56. A network administrator is troubleshooting connectivity worries on a server. Making use of a tester, the administrator notices the the signals produced by the server NIC are distorted and not usable. In i beg your pardon layer the the OSI model is the error categorized?

presentation layer

network layer

physical layer

data connect layer

57. A user calls the help desk come report that a home windows XP workstation is can not to connect to the network after ~ startup and that a popup window says "This link has restricted or no connectivity." The technician asks the user to issue the ipconfig /all command. The user reports the IP address is v subnet mask the and nothing is presented for the DNS server IP address. What is the reason of the problem?