Ag Ed FactThere are approximately 12,000 agricultural educators in the U.S., but demand still outstrips supply. Learn an ext about the ag teacher shortage.

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What is farming Education?

Agricultural education and learning teaches students around agriculture, food and also natural resources. V these subjects, farming educators teach students a wide selection of skills, including science, math, communications, leadership, management and also technology.

Agricultural education and learning is ceded through 3 interconnected components:

Classroom or activities instruction.Experiential finding out — finding out experiences that generally take place outside of the classroom, looked after by the farming instructor.Leadership education and learning — delivered through student organizations such as the national FFA Organization, the national Young Farmer education Association, nationwide Postsecondary agricultural Student Organization and others.

Many high school agriculture programs use FFA to boost the leadership and also experiential discovering portions of your program. To learn much more about FFA and its affect on farming education, visit


Some that the potential work for someone graduating with a level in farming education can be:

High institution Agriscience TeacherAg literacy CoordinatorAgricultural education ProfessorFarm company Management Instructor2-year technological College agriculture InstructorAdult agricultural Education InstructorYoung Farmer Instructor

Agricultural education uses a three-circle version of instruction. These space classroom and laboratory instruction, management development, and experiential learning. The successful integration of each of this three contents results in a solid program that produces fine rounded people who are all set to be leader in agriculture, business, and also industry.

Agricultural education very first became a part of the public education system in 1917 when the U.S. Conference passed the Smith-Hughes Act. Today, end 800,000 students take part in formal agricultural education instructional programs offered in grades seven with adult transparent the 50 states and three U. S. Territories.

Start an farming Education regimen in your Community

The nationwide FFA Organization has actually a guide that can aid you with the measures of bringing an farming education program to your institution system. Go.

What does farming Education Look like in the unified States?

National file — get a snapshot of agricultural education nationwide

State Profiles

We have actually collaborated with farming education leader in each state to build state profiles of farming education. Monitor this connect for a perform of downloadable profiles.

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National agriculture Teacher Shortage

Nationwide, there room not enough farming teachers to fulfill the demand. The nationwide Teach Ag Campaign, an initiative that The national Council for farming Education led through is an initiative to combat the while celebrating current agricultural educators. Visit the Teach Ag campaign to learn more about the shortage and becoming an farming teacher.