After a long, tough day, you finally sit under to record up on your favorite show. However when you hit the power switch on your remote, your TV display screen stays black! You shot pressing the remote’s power button again and again native every angle, yet there’s quiet no picture. If this sounds familiar, you’ve most likely fallen victim to one or more TV display screen issues. Right here are a couple of ways to find out what may be bring about your TV display to continue to be black as soon as powered on.

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What to examine If her TV has No Picture

First, it’s essential to examine to check out if her remote is the problem. Try turning the TV on using the power button around the screen. If a snapshot comes on, her remote might be the problem. Still no picture? shot turning the volume up and keeping an ear out for what happens.

TV screen is black and also there’s no sound

If friend tried turning the TV all the way up and there’s still no sound or picture, you’ll desire to check for an LED light or a tiny indicator light the tells girlfriend the TV has actually power. If there is no power to the TV while that is plugged in, there might be an issue with the outlet or fuse crate in her home.

If the strength indicator irradiate is on, there might be an problem with the TV’s software. Unplug the TV from the wall, and, if possible, remove the power cord indigenous the back of the TV to do a soft reset. Wait 30 seconds, and plug the TV earlier into a working outlet to test it again.

TV display screen is black but audio works

If her TV display goes black yet the sound tho works, then the concern may it is in a bit much more complicated. Below are a few things girlfriend can examine to aid diagnose the potential problem.

Check the TV’s Input

If there’s no photo showing on your screen, the first thing to examine is the entry source. Even if it is it’s a cable crate or a video game system, ensure it is turned on and also operating correctly. Affix the machine to various ports on her TV to watch if the port is the issue. If the difficulty persists, shot connecting other gadgets to your TV or convert from one input setup to another.

Change her HDMI Cable

Issues with your TV display can be resulted in by a faulty HDMI cable. Also if your HDMI cable doesn’t appear damaged, the can failure due come a quick or consistent wear and also tear. Shot testing the HDMI cable on an additional TV to see if the same trouble occurs. Alternatively, shot using a various HDMI cable on your malfunctioning TV.

Check the Backlight

Some TV displays, such as LCD screens, use a backlight to illuminate the picture. If the backlight burns out or stop working, the photo will show up black. To see if her TV’s backlight is resulting in the problem, make sure your TV is on, and also turn turn off the lights in the room. Light a flashlight ~ above the screen to view if there’s a picture.

If you have the right to see a picture with the flashlight, then your TV’s backlight is charred out. If this is the case, you might want to take into consideration upgrading to a brand-new smart TV or contacting your neighborhood Rent-A-Center for complimentary repairs and temporary replace instead replace of her Rent-A-Center items.

What to carry out if your TV display screen is Black

You’ve run all the tests, confirm all the ports, and ensured your TV is plugged in and has power. But what deserve to you do if your TV display screen is tho black? v rent-to-own TVs indigenous Rent-A-Center, you could easily request totally free service and repairs, however if you didn’t get your tv at Rent-A-Center, your repair expenses could gain quite costly! relying on the age and condition of her TV, the finest option can be to update to a new television.

Are you all set to ditch your old TV and also make an upgrade? Rent-A-Center provides it easy to very own a new TV, prefer an LG 65″ 4K UHD smart TV. From OLED come QLED, we’ve acquired ultra high meaning TVs with snapshot quality so crisp, you’ll wonder why friend didn’t update sooner! avoid the headache of her old TV, and start your virtual order today. Friend can also get same-day shipment on qualifying purchase in select areas!

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