This i from numbers 6 the we’re walk to examine tonight…and we’re no going to go through the whole chapter, since as several of you may know, maybe because you’ve review ahead, maybe since you mental the different components of the books of the Bible and also you understand that number 6 has a really important point in it. Well, some of you know at the end of this passage is what is referred to as The Aaronic Benediction. It’s a benediction the you hear plenty of ministers use. We use it here very frequently, different ones the us:

“The lord bless you and also keep you;

The Lord do His confront to shine upon you,

And it is in gracious come you;

The mr lift up His countenance upon you,

And provide you peace.”

Well, that benediction is commanded through God, is introduced by God, at the end of this chapter. It deserves treatment all that is own, and so we’re going to reserve that component of this chapter because that the next time the we’re with each other in Numbers.

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And so this evening we’ll spend every one of our time looking in ~ this fairly strange vow that is developed by God in number 6:1-21. The is the Nazarite vow. Now, vows room very, an extremely important in the Old Testament. They indicate the prestige of God come the human making the vow; they show to us the very an excellent significance of personal sacrifice and also commitment in religion, in the business of God. That’s something, really frankly, that’s lost on ours generation. The idea of making binding commitments come God is somewhat alien to united state in our straightforward day and age.

Nevertheless, we have actually here an especially vow the is established by God, the vow the the Nazarites. I desire you to notification two or three things about this vow as we start to look in ~ it tonight.

very first of all, acknowledge that this vow allows for put people, both men and also women, come voluntarily offer the Lord. The priesthood was by conscription. If you were in the people of Levi, you to be a monk or you to be a Levite. That’s it. Ns mean, when you were born right into the tribe of Levi, your destiny, her vocation to be settled. Friend couldn’t grow up and also say, “You know, I want to it is in an engineer…I desire to it is in a milkman.” No, if you to be a Levite you were either offer the Lord as a priest or you to be serving the Lord as an assistant to a monk in the tabernacle company of the people of God. And also so the priesthood was by conscription, and also only males from the people of Levi might serve as priests. However this Nazarite vow allows for both men and also women (lay people, as it were) in Israel come voluntarily commit for a duration of time to offer the mr in some special way.

Secondly, an alert as us look at this passage tonight the these Nazarite vows permit ordinary Israelites come express your love for God and also their gratitude to God practically. The Israelites who made these vows were, amongst other things, acknowledging just how much God had done for them, and also consequently their love because that God and their gratitude come God to be expressed in making a binding commitment to God.

Thirdly, as we look in ~ this passage tonight notification that these Nazarites room separated come the Lord. The phrase offered of them, they to be “holy depend the Lord,” a expression that is similar to what is said of the priests and also of the high clergymans in Israel. Lock were holy unto the Lord. They were separated to the Lord. They to be separated to the mr from the world. They were separated to the lord from your families. They were separated to the mr from funerals. They to be separated to the lord from haircuts. They to be separated to the lord from the world for a specific work. In this passage their occupational is no outlined, yet we perform have examples in the scriptures of some pretty extraordinary Nazarites. Menoah’s wife was a Nazarite, and what one extraordinary work-related she did. Samuel to be a Nazarite, an intercessor, a judge, a prophet that Israel. Samson to be a Nazarite. Man the Baptist may have been a Nazarite. He has some the the attributes of a Nazarite as we read around him in the gospels. Eusebius, that beforehand church historian who gave us one of the very first complete backgrounds of the era the the early on church leading approximately his time, claims that john was a Nazarite. Paul even once do a vow that sounds a lot like a Nazarite vow, and so looking in ~ them we can see several of the kinds of job-related that the Lord might have offered a Nazarite for. Therefore bear this in mind together we review this passage.

Let’s look to God in prayer.

Heavenly Father, this is your word. Open up our eyes to behold wonderful reality in it, we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

This is God’s word:

“Again the mr spoke come Moses, saying, ‘Speak to the boy of Israel, and say come them, ‘When a male or woman provides a special vow, the vow the a Nazarite, come dedicate self to the Lord, he shall abstain from wine and strong drink; that shall drink no vinegar, whether made from alcohol or strong drink; no shall that drink any kind of grape juice, no one eat new or dried grapes. All the job of his separation that shall no eat anything that is developed by the grapevine, native the seeds also to the skin. All the work of his vow the separation no razor shall pass over his head. That shall be holy until the days room fulfilled for which he separated self to the Lord; he shall permit the locks that hair on his head prosper long.

“ ‘‘All the job of his separation come the lord he shall no go near to a dead person. He shall no make self unclean for his dad or because that his mother, for his brothers or for his sister, when they die, since his separation to God is on his head. Every the work of his separation that is holy to the Lord.

“ ‘‘But if a guy dies really suddenly alongside him and he defiles his specialized head that hair, climate he shall shave his head ~ above the day once he becomes clean; the shall shave it top top the seventh day. Then on the eighth work he shall carry two turtledoves or 2 young pigeons to the priest, come the doorway that the tent of meeting. And also the priest shall offer one for a sin offering and also the various other for a scorched offering, and also make atonement for him concerning his sin since of the dead person. And that very same day that shall consecrate his head, and also shall dedicate come the mr his days together a Nazarite, and also shall bring a male lamb a year old because that a guilt offering; but the previous days shall it is in void because his separation to be defiled.

“ ‘‘Now this is the law of the Nazarite as soon as the work of his separation space fulfilled, that shall lug the offering to the doorway that the tent of meeting. And he shall present his offering to the Lord: one male lamb a year old without defect for a scorched offering and one ewe lamb a year old without defect because that a sin offering and also one lamb without defect for a tranquility offering, and also a basket that unleavened cakes of well flour blended with oil and also unleavened wafers spread with oil, in addition to their serial offering and also their libations. Then the priest shall present them prior to the Lord and also shall offer his sin offering and his burnt offering. He shall additionally offer the ram for a sacrifice of tranquility offerings to the Lord, along with the basket that unleavened cakes; the monk shall likewise offer its grain offering and its libation. The Nazarite candlestick then shave his devoted head of hair at the doorway that the tent of meeting, and also take the devoted hair that his head and also put it on the fire which is under the sacrifice of peace offerings. And the priest shall take the ram’s shoulder once it has been boiled, and also one unleavened cake the end of the basket, and one unleavened wafer, and also he shall put them ~ above the hand of the Nazarite after he has actually shaved his dedicated hair. Climate the priest shall wave them for a wave offering before the Lord. It is divine for the priest, in addition to the breast available by waving and also the thigh offered by lifting up; and afterward the Nazarite may drink wine.’

“ ‘This is the law of the Nazarite who vows his supplying to the mr according come his separation, in addition to what else he deserve to afford; follow to his vow which the takes, so he shall execute according to the law of his separation.’”

Amen. And thus ends this reading of God’s holy, inspired, and also inerrant word. Might He create its eternal reality upon ours

The vow the the Nazarite, the laws of the Nazarite, administer an Old Testament snapshot of what every new Testament disciple should be. Now i hope that that sentence has actually your curiosity peaked! am I saying that us all forego haircuts and also funerals, and also tee-totally abstain? No, that’s not what I’m gaining at, but let me speak it again: The Nazarite gives an Old Testament snapshot of what every new Testament disciple need to be. The Nazarite is a photo of someone who is kingdom-minded, someone who is involved for the things that issue God, someone that is involved to breakthrough God’s kingdom. The Nazarite is a photo of someone that is consecrated to God, dedicated to God, handed end in His service. And, a Nazarite is a God-treasuring person–someone who loves God above everyone and also everything else–and this are attributes of discipleship that we see spelled the end in the new Testament.

together you look at the Nazarite vows, particularly in 1-13 in numbers 6, you’ll an alert six attributes or qualities.

an initial of all, you’ll an alert that the Nazarite vow is unique. This is a very special vow. It’s even referred to as a one-of-a-kind vow. Look at city 2: “When a male or woman makes a unique vow….” This is a distinctive vow. Over there are aspects to this vow the are uncovered in other the the Old Testament. Priests, for instance, to be not permitted to partake of alcohol while they to be serving in the tabernacle. We’ve currently seen provisions the the youngsters of Israel had to it is in very, really careful around dead bodies. However there’s nowhere whereby all 3 of these things that are included in the Nazarite vow are merged together in the same means in any type of other vow in the Old Testament: abstinence indigenous anything indigenous the fruit the the vine; this refusal to cut the hair; this avoidance the the dead. This three points in mix make the Nazarite vow singular, or unique.

Secondly, an alert that this Nazarite vow is voluntary. We’ve currently mentioned that the clergymans were clergymans by conscription and also by birth. If you were a boy of Levi, if you to be in the people of Levi and also if you were a male, you were either going to be offer the Lord together a priest or as a Levite. It’s just as straightforward as that. But this is a voluntary vow. It’s no required, and so the human who takes this vow does the entirely due to the fact that of his or her own desire, his or her very own will. (By the way, doesn’t the remind us that faith is so lot a point of the desires due to the fact that religion is so much a matter of the heart? and also even in the Old testimony with its external forms and also its shadows and its types, there to be a acknowledgment that religion is in its an extremely essence a matter of the heart, the will, the desires, the affections.) and here the Nazarite has actually an option. He or she go not have to take this vow. The desire of the Nazarite impel that or her to take this vow.

Thirdly, notice that this Nazarite vow is personal. It’s not just an individual in the feeling that it’s voluntary, but it’s an individual in the feeling that it permits for any kind of Israelite to express personal his or her devotion to God. It’s something i beg your pardon the individual alone decides, and in i beg your pardon the individual personally expresses his or she devotion to the living God.

This Nazarite vow is additionally public. Everyone would have automatically recognized a Nazarite masculine in the camp the Israel: “Hey, who’s the guy who looks choose Tom Hanks ~ above Castaway? have to be a Nazarite.” Every Nazarite masculine would have actually been easily identifiable in the camp the Israel, so this is a very public vow. It’s one in which literally the physics appearance gave you away. It’s one of the points that’s remarked, of course, about John the Baptist. There were external things which set him apart from the human being in his time.

Fifthly, this Nazarite vow was costly. The Nazarite vow did not allow you to attend a family members funeral, no matter just how close the relative. The Nazarite vow involved bringing an extremely expensive offerings or sacrifices to the Lord. And, if in the course of your organization as a Nazarite who drops dead next to you, you are defiled. All of the time that you have served according to her vow approximately that suggest is nullified. Friend must existing yourself to a priest and go with an eight-day purification process, and also then begin your time end again.

There is a story in one of the old Hebrew books of rabbinical commentary on the Old testimony of a queen who took a Nazarite vow, and also in the critical week that a seven-year Nazarite vow, a courtier that hers passed away in her presence. Her whole six years and 51 main of Nazarite company was nullified. She went through the purification ritual, and also then had to serve one more seven years as a Nazarite. This is a very, really costly thing. It comes with an excellent commitment. There’s a class in the for us, too, isn’t there?

and sixthly, this Nazarite vow was typically temporary. that is, you see specifically in verse 13, the human making the Nazarite vow can indicate the length of the business that the or she is ready to commit self or herself to, back in the bibles there are some who are Nazarites for life. Samson, return a fickle Nazarite, to be a Nazarite because that life. Samuel to be a Nazarite for life, and also apparently john the Baptist to be a Nazarite for life. So the was commonly temporary, however occasionally in the scriptures this is a permanent commitment.

Well, there room three things I want you to watch tonight together we look in ~ this vow the the Nazarite. Again, the Nazarite is a snapshot of a kingdom-minded, God-consecrated, God-treasuring disciple, and we check out this in 3 ways.

an initial of all, look at verses 1-4. In the Nazarite vow, the Nazarite is called to forebear the fruit that the land. notification what that says, start in city 3:

“…He candlestick abstain from alcohol and solid drink; he shall drink no vinegar, whether made from alcohol or strong drink; no one shall that drink any type of grape juice, nor eat new or dried grapes. All the days of his separation he shall no eat anything the is produced by the grape vine, from the seeds even to the skin.”

What in the civilization is walking on v that?

Well, it’s simply this. Because that a vine to walk from gift planted come bearing fruit in Israel would have taken about three year or so, for this reason the cultivation of the grapevine symbolized the occupation and the domestication of the land. The symbolized the you were a permanent resident. No nomad can plant his very own vine and expect to benefit from that bearing fruit, since the procedure would have taken three years, and he would have actually moved on. However once the kids of Israel were in the land of Canaan, they might plant vines, wait the end the time prior to those vines ended up being fruitful, and also then use them for every of things — everything from wine to grape juice to every little thing else. And so forbearing to eat or drink of anything indigenous the vine is one indication the the Nazarite is affirming the “this civilization is not my home.” This land v its exorbitant vines and also all your fruitful bounty is no my can be fried home. The Nazarite is, by the an extremely abstention from any type of aspect that the fruit of the vine or anything produced by the grapevine, evidencing tangibly the this people is not his home, is no her home.

And friend see, mine friends, because that believers there too need to be an evidence in our stays manifest in ours choices, in our thinking, in our conduct, the this world is no our home. We need to be saying in the points that we choose and also think and also how we behave, “I desire the life to come, O God, more than anything in this life.” That’s what the Nazarite was saying through refusing to take it anything created by the grapevine: “I desire the life to come, O God.”

And what go Jesus speak in Matthew 6:33?

“Seek very first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these points will be included unto you.”

The disciples were all concerned around food, clothing, shelter…and Jesus claims the heavenly father knows the you need these things, however you seek very first His kingdom. God will take treatment of those things. In other words, friend live together if this world is not your home. You want God’s kingdom much more than anything the this world has come offer.

Secondly, the Nazarites were not just kingdom-minded, they to be consecrated come God, and also they to be visible in your consecration come God, and also the visible proof of your consecration to God to be the absence of haircuts. You view it in verses 5ff:

“All the job of his vow…no razor shall happen over his head. He shall be divine until the days room fulfilled because that which that separated self to the Lord; that shall let the locks the hair ~ above his head prosper long.”

So there to be a visible evidence of your consecration. Anyone in the camp of Israel can have said, “Aha! the man has taken a Nazarite vow. That male is marked out because that God.”

Well, we may not be referred to as to undertake a distinctive hairstyle…that’s really great for me!…but we are called to be significant out because that God. There have to be clearly shows confirmation that we are disciples that the mr Jesus Christ in our lives, and it ought to be manifest again in ours choices, in our thinking, in our conduct. Every these things should show not only that this civilization is no our home, however that we belong come God. The Nazarite, through refusing to reduced his hair, is saying ‘God, ns belong come you, and also I don’t mental anybody seeing that.’ It states something, doesn’t it, around the discipleship that desires to blend into this culture and not look anything various from it. And, my friends, the is for this reason pervasive today, isn’t it? We want to blend in to our culture, and we don’t want to be any type of different from it. The Nazarite is not unwilling to publicly say ‘I belong come God and I don’t treatment who watch it. I’m His.’

You mental the Apostle Paul saying in Romans 12 that we room to placed our body on the altar together the living sacrifice. What a powerful picture that is of speak publicly, “I belong come the Lord.” by the way, it’s Paul, Luke tells united state in action 18:18–I can’t wait till Derek it s okay to this passage!–who has made something choose a Nazarite vow, because you remember in Cenchrea, the seaport that Corinth, we’re told that Paul shave his head. Why? since he had actually kept a vow. He was keeping a vow. Therefore it seems as if in Cenchrea he involved the end of a period of having actually taken a Nazarite vow, and so his head to be being shave in token that his completion of that commitment. And so once the Apostle Paul states to you, “Present your bodies as a life sacrifice,” even as he had at some point presented his hair as a sacrifice. In the presenting that hair on the altar because that the Nazarite was a picture: “Lord, I’ve retained that vow. I retained that vow for one year…for 2 years, for 3 years, for seven years…and the hair top top the altar is a photo of me. I kept my vow for You, Lord. I’m Yours.”

And of course the mr Jesus Christ said to His very own disciples, “It is my food to do the will of the who sent out me, and to attain His work.” and also so every disciple should be significant out come God, consecrated to God, specialized to God, living out and also out because that God. And so the Nazarites give us a picture of a kingdom-minded, God-consecrated disciple.

however they also give us a picture of a God-treasuring disciple. Look in ~ verses 6 and also 7:

“All the days of his separation…he shall no go close to to a dead person…not his father, or his mother, or his brother, or his sister…because his separation come God is ~ above his head.”

The Nazarites need to avoid the dead throughout the whole time of their vow due to the fact that separation come the living God is a witness come the life God, and therefore they room not to be approximately the dead. Mine friends, do you establish what this means? This way if the Nazarite’s child dies throughout the time of his vow, he cannot go near his son’s body. That cannot to visit his son’s funeral. If the Nazarite’s wife dies, he cannot go near the body of his wife. That cannot go to the funeral that his wife. What in the world is the allude of that?

The allude of the is saying that God is much more important come me 보다 anyone, anything, in this world. I treasure God. Ns treasure God above everything. And, my friends, there have to be an evident priority of God in our lives manifest in ours choices, in our thinking, in our conduct, that mirrors that we treasure God above everyone; the God is an ext important than anyone or noþeles in this world.

girlfriend know, it’s so interesting that there are at the very least two materials to being a Nazarite: you must have a desire to respect God, or girlfriend couldn’t carry out these things. Yet that desire to respect God is required to it is in expressed in one epic display screen of self-denial. All of these things, friend see, indicate self-denial. Girlfriend see, the point is that you cannot honor God there is no self-denial, and also that’s a lesson you watch for new Testament disciples and Old. That’s why Jesus will certainly say come His disciples in Matthew 16:24:

“If anyone wishes to come after Me, he should deny himself.”

But, mine friends, permit us never ever forget the the Nazarite devotion to God does no precede, however responds to God’s devotion to the Nazarite. The Nazarite in the Old testament is make this vow due to the fact that of his or she awesome awareness that God has devoted Himself to him, come her, in some extraordinary way, and thus the vow flows the end of gratitude come God because that a prior devotion that He has shown to the Nazarite. And also it’s the same, that course, in the brand-new Testament.

The brand-new Testament disciples have actually seen the mr Jesus Christ pray the prayer, ‘Lord, if it’s possible, take it this cup from Me. Nevertheless, ns am so cursed to My human being that I’m all set to take it this cup.’ The new Testament disciples have actually seen the lord Jesus Christ native His overcome look down at His mother and also say, ‘Mother, I’m not going come be there at your funeral. I’m no going to be there in your hour the need. I’m no going to be there as soon as other grandchildren space born, since I am totally committed to God, and also I to be totally committed to the salvation of every My people.’ and also so as soon as the new Testament disciple devotes himself, herself, come Christ, it is out of an overwhelming sense of gratitude that the finish commitment the Christ himself has already made come God, and also to you.

Let’s pray.

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Heavenly Father, thank You for this legislation of the Nazarite, and also grant the we would by your grace live as kingdom-minded, God-consecrated, God-treasuring disciples. In Jesus’ name us pray. Amen.