Your examine engine light all of sudden goes on if you’re top top the highway come Collegeville — for this reason what’s your following move? It’s for sure to proceed driving because that now, yet the inspect engine light could indicate a wide variety of problems with your Volkswagen vehicle — from a loosened gas cap to severe engine trouble. You deserve to either take it your automobile in for business near Phoenixville, or learn just how to reset the inspect engine light you yourself at home. Join the wynn Volkswagen team to discover out how.

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Why is My check Engine light On?

The single most common reason of a check engine light is a straightforward fix — a loosened gas cap. This typically happens when you don’t fully screw the cap ago on after filling up your gas tank. You deserve to quickly discover out if it’s triggering the inspect engine light by removing and resealing your gas cap. If the light remains on, you’ll need to determine the cause to be certain it isn’t more serious. Rule out common reasons yourself, bring your automobile to a King the Prussia-area company center.

How to Reset Your check Engine Light

If you identify that the problem is minor and also can wait, then you may want to learn how to reset the examine engine light. Follow the steps listed below for how to disconnect and also reset her VW vehicle’s battery:

Cut the ignition and put top top gloves and also safety glasses.Locate the an unfavorable terminal on the automobile battery. In most vehicles, it will be under a black color hood, and marked with a negative (–) symbol. The positive terminal will certainly be marked with a confident (+) symbol.Use a wrench to loosen the negative terminal nut. Pull the an adverse connector far from the battery. Host it away from the battery for around a minute.Reconnect the negative cable and re-tighten the nut with your wrench.

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If this doesn’t work-related to reset the examine engine light, it’s time to take it the matter to a professional. The professional technicians at win Volkswagen deserve to diagnose the issue and also recommend vital repairs to keep you driving safely in King that Prussia.

Reliable, Affordable Auto company in the Norristown Area

Determining the reason of a inspect engine irradiate is challenging without one-of-a-kind diagnostic tools. Even if you room confident around what’s triggering the warning, you might still want to have your car looked at by a professional. If you perform schedule service, be sure it’s at a certified Volkswagen business center choose Wynn Volkswagen! We’ll just use genuine VW parts, and also you deserve to be sure you’ll get the highest quality service. Attach with us now to learn more about Volkswagen maintain like exactly how to rotate your tires at home!