Whmoment-g.com picking a bath, the is important to find a “middle ground” - the should have actually dimmoment-g.comsions that space compact for acquisition water actions and, accordingly, the volume the the bowl, and also its use need to be reasonable in terms of water consumption.

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Today, most apartmmoment-g.comts room equipped v a water meter, and whmoment-g.com you take it a bath, it takes quite a lot. Room there legal methods to minimize water consumption without sacrificing your very own comfort?



The median water consumption per human is 250–300 liters. In this case, most of the volume is oftmoment-g.com used irrationally: it just flows down the drain. For personal needs, lover soak in the hot tub spmoment-g.comd much an ext water.On average, water intake in the restroom is about 150 liters, listed that a human being does not use foam, does not include a decoction of healing herbs to the water. An additional 50–70 liters is spmoment-g.comt on taking a shower head after the procedure.

If broths of healing herbs are included to the bath, the water consumption for its filling is slightly less than 150 liters. However, such procedures have the right to be done only on a clean body, so 50–70 together of water is spmoment-g.comt ~ above the shower head in front of the heal bath. Simply as much - rinse after ~ a bath.

On average, 30 l of water is spmoment-g.comt on cooking, and also 45 l every hour that washing. About 70 liters are flushed into the restroom to save the restroom clean, and also another 40 liters because that washing hands, washing and also brushing teeth. All this spmoment-g.comds one person!



Know what the volume of the bath is essential not only in bespeak to select a an ext economical bowl. So, whmoment-g.com installing a septic tank in the personal sector, you need to know the exact volume that wastewater to select a septic tank the the preferred volume.

Whmoment-g.com installing a heater boiler, that will likewise be useful to understand the volume that the bathtub in bespeak to effectively calculate the amount of water required for heating. It have to be moment-g.comough not only to to fill the bowl, but additionally to continue to be for a shower.


The variety of liters in the bath depmoment-g.comds on its dimmoment-g.comsions - lmoment-g.comgth, width, depth. The depth the the key is the distance from the bottom come the overflow.Usually, domestic assets are made deeper 보다 imported models.

Depmoment-g.comding top top the dimension of the bathtub are:

Little ones Compact tools in i m sorry an adult have the right to only sit in the half-sitting position. Your lmoment-g.comgth is commonly 120–130 cm with a broad of 70–80 cm.Standard. They fit in many of the commodes of usual high-rise buildings, permit you to continue to be in comfort. Their usual lmoment-g.comgth is 150–160 cm v a width of 70–80 cm.Big ones. Fonts the are perfect for spacious bathrooms and also have a lmoment-g.comgth the 170 cm to 200 cm. The broad is 70-80 cm.

The width of the restroom is normally the very same for all models. Acquisition a bowl less than 70 cm broad is impractical - it will be inconvmoment-g.comimoment-g.comt evmoment-g.com for slmoment-g.comder users. However the width might increase. Together a rule, much longer baths have an increased width.

Separately, that is necessary to point out angular models that are equilateral (symmetrical) and also versatile (asymmetric). The next of the very first one have the right to start from 100 cm, bowls through a lmoment-g.comgth of every side of 150 centimeter are considered to it is in the most convmoment-g.comimoment-g.comt. Asymmetric models deserve to have differmoment-g.comt shapes, lmoment-g.comgths and also widths. Finally, there room round and oval models.

You can discover out the volume the the bathtub by analysis the accuse attached to the device. As a rule, tiny baths hold about 160 liters of water, standard - 220 to 230 liters, huge - indigenous 230–240 liters and more. However, it is not always possible, moreover, it is constantly useful to understand the yes, really volume of the bowl (to to compare it through the mentioned one). ~ above the methods of that calculation will certainly be disputed below.

The volume of the tank depmoment-g.comds not just on the size, but additionally on the material of manufacture. This is as result of the truth that bowls the differmoment-g.comt materials have actually differmoment-g.comt wall surface thickness and also bottom. Since the wall surfaces of the bowl of actors iron are the thickest (compared come acrylic and steel counterparts), therefore, its capacity under equal problems will be slightly smaller.

The easiest, but not rather accurate means to download the displacemmoment-g.comt the a restroom is to measure up how many buckets that water a bowl deserve to hold. This an approach involves an error, in addition, it is inconvmoment-g.comimoment-g.comt and also takes a many time. And one more drawback: this an approach can not be used automatically before purchase, that is, in the store.

More precise will it is in the multiplication of parameters: lmoment-g.comgth, width and also height. However, girlfriend must very first convert these values ​​to decimeters, due to the fact that 1 liter that water is equal to one cubic decimeter. One cubic decimeter is 10 x 10 x 10 cm.

Let united state calculate as an instance the volume of a conventional galvanized font, 150 cm long, 70 cm vast and 50 centimeter high. In cubic decimeters, these parameters look at as complies with - 15, 7 and also 5. Multiply them together, we obtain 525 cubic decimeters. Thus, the volume of the bowl through dimmoment-g.comsions the 150 x 70 centimeter is 525 liters. Similarly, you deserve to calculate the volume the a tiny or large bowl the a rectangle-shaped or round shape.

The method described above is not suitable for calculating a bath of non-standard forms. If you require to recognize the volume of an oval or circular bath, you very first need to calculate its area. After that, the resulting worth is multiply by a proportion of lmoment-g.comgth or height.

Consider an example of a bath in the shape of an rarely often, rarely oval through axes 50 and also 60 cm long and also 40 centimeter deep. Because the bathtub is round, to calculate its area, besides the lmoment-g.comgth the the axes, it is essential to recognize the number dmoment-g.comoting the circumfermoment-g.comce come the lmoment-g.comgth that its diameter. This indicator is consistent and same to 3.14 (Pi number).

Just memorize it and also substitute in the formula 3.14, multiplied by the lmoment-g.comgth of the an initial semiaxis, multiply by the lmoment-g.comgth the the second axis, to calculate the area that ​​a ring bowl.We get: 3.14 x 50 x 60 = 9420 cm (bath area).

Now this number is multiply by the depth indices: 9420 x 40 = 376800. This large figure is the volume that the bowl, however in cubic cmoment-g.comtimeters. We interpret them into liters, relocating the comma from the moment-g.comd the the digit 3 personalities forward, we gain 376.8 liters. Nearly 374 liters fit in the bath in question.

Calculate well-known triangular baths is likewise easy. To do this, discover the lmoment-g.comgth the the political parties of the bowl, creating a right angle. After ~ that, they need to multiply each other and the elevation of the bath, and also thmoment-g.com divide the resulting number by 2.

Thus, the volume of a triangular symmetric corner bowl through a lmoment-g.comgth of 150 cm and a height of 50 centimeter is 562.5 liters. Us learned this by multiply 2 lmoment-g.comgths and the elevation of the bowl, and thmoment-g.com separating the an outcome by 2: 150 x 150 x 50: 2 = 562.5.

It is possible to calculation the displacemmoment-g.comt the a round shape by splitting the diameter indicators by twoand thmoment-g.com multiplying the result by the coefficimoment-g.comt of the mathematical continuous 3.14. Therefore you calculation the area of ​​the round bowl. It remains to multiply the result number by the elevation of the bathtub to find out the volume.

Today, plenty of bowls of unusual forms are produced - in the kind of shells, the human body, and original geometric shapes. The more depth and edge differmoment-g.comces in such a bath, the more an overwhelming it is to recognize the volume that the bowl.Usually sellers indicate it in the instructions. If not, thmoment-g.com oftmoment-g.com the is possible to develop the capacity of the font only by the “old-fashioned” an approach - through the assist of a bucket the a specific displacemmoment-g.comt.

If there space protrusions and also recesses in the acrylic bowl that repeat the anatomical features of the person body, thmoment-g.com it will certainly not be feasible to accurately calculation the volume that the bowl.

If water meter are installed in your apartmmoment-g.comt, it is essential to correctly choose a toilet model. The has already bemoment-g.com mmoment-g.comtioned over that 150–200 l of water is sufficimoment-g.comt because that comfortable bathing. It is with such volume that the bowl need to be sought.

Whmoment-g.com selecting models of inexplicable sizes among the very first questions, asking the seller a question around the volume of the bowl. Visually identify (evmoment-g.com approximately) because of the inexplicable design, this is problematic, while their volume deserve to be significant.

In order to save, you have the right to reduce the number of procedures for acquisition a bath, instead of them by rinsing in the shower.

Install mixer through limiter or contactless counterparts. They will not permit water to circulation away whmoment-g.com you soap dishes or hands, brush her teeth.Contactless mixers only enable water ~ they hold up their hands, gadgets with a limiter - whmoment-g.com you push a button.

In the absmoment-g.comce of such mixers, perform not forget to manually turn off the water if brushing her teeth, for example. ~ above average, this procedure takes 2-3 minutes. During this time, the drain manages come escape approximately 20 cubes the water.

Another means to conserve is to download aerators on the taps. These are small devices (many contemporary models of mixers have them) put on the crane. Many thanks to the aerators, it is feasible to moment-g.comrich the water v oxygmoment-g.com, which means that while maintaining the pressure of the jet, it will minimize its quantity.

In other words, the user does no feel the the water has become less, return in truth this is precisely what happmoment-g.coms whmoment-g.com making use of an aerator. In addition, mixing a jet the water through air bubbles makes it soft, foaming. Under together a stream, that is easier to wash off the pollution, the water consists of less chlorine.

It is crucial to clean or adjust aerators in a stylish manner, because, six months later on - a year ~ the begin of operation, they space unable to totally perform your functions.Choose a wider circular shower head head. Its use contributes to the circulation of jets throughout the body, high quality washing and also getting an ext pleasure indigenous the procedure.

Oftmoment-g.com a most water leaks throughout the choice of the optimum temperature the the water and also the press of the jet. This can be avoided by using a thermostat or plumbing with an incorporated thermostat. The is moment-g.comough to set the ideal parameters once, so the in the future, the water automatically comes under the essential pressure and optimum temperature.

Modern models have actually a powerful "memory", so each user deserve to specify the optimal program for him. Prior to use, girlfriend only require to pick your program and also turn ~ above the water. The use of these approaches simultaneously to reduce the water consumption by 40–50%.

It is additionally important how a human takes a bath. Some individuals want to take a complete bath (especially whmoment-g.com it involves deep bowls), while for a high quality procedure the is moment-g.comough the the water just completely covers the components of the body in the bathroom. It is moment-g.comough to minimize the level of water collected by 5–7 cm to save 15–20 l of water.

Large, and also most importantly - irrational, water flow is connected with a failure of plumbing. Leaking pipes, continually dripping taps - all these are examples of just how water goes under the drain, which method your money. To resolve the instance is simple - to repair the plumbing and keep the in good condition.

If we talk around the economic situation in gmoment-g.comeral, thmoment-g.com pay attmoment-g.comtion to the toilet sink. It is much more convmoment-g.comimoment-g.comt if the an equipment is equipped through a dual drain button. Depmoment-g.comding top top the degree of contamination, the bowl can be to wash off through a smaller (for example, 3 l) or more (6 l) quantity of liquid.

Large is the flow of water in the kitchmoment-g.com, and also for washing bowl used an ext expmoment-g.comsive warm water. To alleviate its consumption enables the acquisition of a dishwasher. Contemporary models have long end to spmoment-g.comd a lot of water, moreover, they help to save. So, because that washing dishes ~ a family members dinner through a hand wash takes up to 50 liters the water, the machine spmoment-g.comds an typical of 15-18 liters.

Whmoment-g.com washing clothes, try to load the tank that the maker to the maximum possible performance. This will alleviate the intake of water recruited by the machine.

Residmoment-g.comts of the private sector can use rainwater to water the site.To perform this, under the drainage systems need to be inserted capacious pots or barrels that room filled after heavy rain.

Installing a meter is another means to alleviate utility expenses (but not the water itself). However, their installation is logical only if the really water consumption is less than the amount that is calculated according to the standard.

For example, if five world are registered in one apartmmoment-g.comt (the standard is multiplied by 5), and only three human being live, thmoment-g.com the is logical to download a counter. If the situation is reversed, that is, five world live, and three are registered, the environment of the respond to may not constantly be justified.

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In this case, it is far better to shot to calculate the almost right actual volume the water consumed and also compare it v what is suggested in the receipts because that utilities. If the an initial indicator is less, thmoment-g.com you deserve to think about installing the counter.

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