town life go on, even when you're no playing. Lots of villagers to unlock and mysteries come solve. an obstacle settings and also game rate let you change the video game to her style. Immersive theme renders you feel for her characters.

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Explore a new part the the island

After uncovering several of the mysteries surrounding the island the Isola in the very first Virtual Villagers and discovering the special golden Child in virtual Villagers 2, a brand-new adventure awaits.

Virtual Villagers 3 Story

After plenty of years the happiness and prosperity on the west shores the the island, your village populace has grown and also it is time to expand.

Your villagers develop a raft and select a small family v children and also some trained building contractors to explore the island. At an initial the breeze is steady however suddenly the wind stops completely. In its entirety the sky darkened and also a wind comes out of nowhere! Their little boat seems guided by an invisible force! simply as the watercraft starts come scrape against a shallow reef the villagers view a brand-new shore and also the wind dies off just as quickly as the materialized.

Confused but relieved, they choose themselves the end of the damaged pieces of their raft and accumulated their senses. A brand-new shore! however this was not an empty shore...they could currently see wrecked huts, one enormous damaged statue...buildings... A secret city!

Just like prior to you must assist establish your brand-new village by having actually children, building living quarters, discovering new food sources, and also best of all, uncovering the tricks of the old city. Set your villagers to work-related on a variety of tasks to advance the community and find all the secrets!

Need assist solving a puzzle? view our online Villagers 3 Strategy Guide! (contains spoilers)

Virtual Villagers: The secret City Review

- review by Mick

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