Fans have loved the chemistry in between actors Victoria Justice and also Avan Jogia since Nickelodeon\"s comedy series, Victorious, first aired in 2010. Your characters, Tori and also Beck, kissed while in theater class at the end of the pilot episode, but despite 4 seasons of major onscreen flirting, the so-called \"Bori\" never ever did official date. Years later, however, fans acquired to view the pair play an actual pair in the 2017 teen comedy movie, The Outcasts. \"We\"re at sight close,\" justice told MTV News the reuniting through Jogia onscreen at the time, \"and it was yes, really cool to be able to share this experience.\"

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So, with all that onscreen chemistry, what\"s the story through the actors\" real-life relationship? from interrupting each other\"s red carpet interviews just come sweetly say, \"Hi, ns love you,\" to posting years of dance breaks online, to sharing tons — and also we mean tons — of goofy and also seemingly flirty moments, Justice and Jogia have plainly remained close since their Nickelodeon days. Fans have also named the pairing \"Vavan,\" with hopefuls taking notice of their public outings and offscreen display screens of affection.

While these two were in each other\"s resides even before Victorious started filming, having operated together ~ above the 2009 flick, Spectacular!, Victoria Justice and also Avan Jogia swear the they\"re just friends. Let\"s scoop out the truth about their real-life relationship.


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If us really want to uncover out the reality about Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia\"s real-life relationship, it\"s finest to go directly to the source. Together Justice claimed in a joint 2010 interview with Popstar!, \"Ever due to the fact that I\"ve met him, we\"ve to be really, really close. We just immediately clicked ... The kind of connection that we have is like, we\"re simply really comfortable v each other all the time, for this reason I don\"t have to wear makeup approximately you.\" as Jogia teased in response, \"Oh no, and also I don\"t have to wear makeup approximately you either ... I just don\"t also wear eyeliner around you.\" 

At the time, the duo emphasized the obvious: that it\"s entirely feasible for members of the contrary sex to simply be friends. Everything their feel may have been because that each various other throughout your years that friendship, it should be provided that Jogia has actually been date actor Cleopatra Coleman since about 2017 (via Showbiz CheatSheet). And while righteousness is no publicly date anyone at the moment of this writing, she has been linked to a variety of public figures, including actors mockery Hutcherson and Cole Sprouse, per the Daily Mail. That said, these 2 are certainly still close. 

These former Victorious co-stars are recognized to call themselves BFFS — yet hey, also though points are plainly platonic between Justice and Jogia, who have the right to deny their onscreen chemistry?