Vancouver, brothers Columbia, enjoys a moderate year-round climate as result of its proximity to the Pacific Ocean.

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Vancouver has actually an oceanic climate and has, in winter, the second highest typical temperature in the country, simply behind Victoria. That summer, however, is one of the mildest in the country. Winters not as well cold and summers not very hot room mainly because of the truth that the city is situated on the coast. When in other Canadian cities, such as Toronto, Montreal and also Ottawa, temperatures deserve to reach -20 ° C in winter and also 35 ° C in summer, Vancouver seldom reaches -10 ° C in winter and also 30 ° C in summer.

Good Morning!D. Its close proximity come the Pacific Ocean Vancouver, brothers Columbia, has a an ext stable climate due to its proximity come the Pacific Ocean. By this location, finish up receiving affect of the climatic existing of the pacific north. Hugs!

It’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean.Explanation: Vancouver has actually an oceanic climate and also has, in winter, the 2nd highest typical temperature in the country, just behind Victoria. Its summer, however, is one of the mildest in the country.



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