Similar words:diffident,confident,can afford,side by side,bond,bonus,carbon,ribbon.Meaning:<‚bəʊnə"faɪdɪ>
adj. 1. Undertaken in great faith 2. Not counterfeit or copied.

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8. Some entertainment expenses are bona fide service expenses under the taxes laws-and this are discussed shortly.
15. Besides, and also there can" t be bona fide acquisition because that the actual guarantee the movable home which takes regislation for the public way.
18. By exploring origin and also vicissitude the bona fide possession, we allude out the the system of bona fides possession just is applied to movable residential property at first, and also then come immovable residential or commercial property later.
19. She said she thought the memo was genuine, in part because various other leaked papers had showed to it is in bona fide.
20. Charging an expense on a company credit map does not immediately make it a bona fide company expense.
21. And also in turn, your fashion photography somehow appears elevated, an ext substantial since it was developed by bona fide artistes.
22. Only an extremely rarely would topics become conscious of the fact that this was no a bona fide study in complimentary association.
24. Yet during this season, which has failed to rotate up one bona fide breakaway hit, it appears harder than ever.
25. To be specific, as for the general assignment of creditor"s rights, the covenant is binding between two parties however invalid to a bona fide 3rd party.
27. Hukou revolutionary in Chongqing has actually stalled as thousands of farmers have actually refused to change their hukou standing out of are afraid of shedding their land for the smoke and mirror services of gift a bona fide urbanite.
28. A usual problem the you may come across when building "a box" to execute something-- even if it is a one-off gizmo or bona fide scientific instrument --is the rats colony of wires.
29. Because that Walker, Iverson and Marbury, 2009 - 10 is a bona fide annus horribilis.

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More similar words:diffident,confident,can afford,side through side,bond,bonus,carbon,ribbon,a bone the contention,donate,personal,regional,resonate,national,personally,as soon as,zonation,donation,functional,additional,missionary,educational,occasional,side,idea,wide,aide,tide,occasionally,nationalism.