The Bolsheviks started as a tiny factivity of a Marxist party referred to as the Russian Social Democrats. The Bolsheviks came under the leadership of Vladimir Ilyich Ulianov (ool•YAH•nuhf), well-known to the human being as V. I. Lenin.Under Lenin"s direction, the Bolsheviks became a party dedicated to violent revolution. Lenin thought that just violent rdevelopment might destroy the capitalist device. A "vanguard" (forefront) of activists, he sassist, have to form a small party of well-disciplined skilled revolutionaries to accomplish the job.n March 1917, he observed an chance for the Bolsheviks to seize power. In April 1917, German army leaders, hoping to produce disorder in Russia, shipped Lenin to Russia. Lenin and also his associates were in a sealed train to proccasion their ideas from infecting Germany type of. Renamed Communist Party in 1918.

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A rural council in the Russian empire, establiburned by Tsar Alexander II in 1864 and abolished in 1917
Followed George Plekhanov that experienced the require for more capitalistic advancement in Russia to create brand-new metropolitan functioning and middle classes, which Plekhanov"s party would then organize to overthrow the burgeoisie
A self-governing area of peasants in pre-revolutionary Russia having manage over neighborhood woodlands, fisheries, and hunting grounds; land was alsituated to each family members according to size, in return for a solved sum
200,000 factory workers and also other in St. Petersburg assembled peacefully to petition for better working problems, greater pay, and also representative federal government. "Bloody Sunday" = January 2second troops killed many kind of --> 500,00 employees on strike and peasant revolts
(Parliament) Establiburned by tsar. Represented peasants and also landlords, however enabling employees only little depiction. Tsar restricted powers of the dumas and also determined their class composition
Advocated a much even more abrupt communist rdevelopment and also stressed the need for the communist party to carry out its leadership- "Peace, Land, Bread"- Called for immediate withdrawl from war, land also for peasants, and also a government-run food circulation system- Armed takeover of federal government headquarters, railmeans, power plants, short article offices, and telephone exchanges- November 7 = communists seized power
Treaty in which Russia lost considerable territory to the Germans. This finished Russian participation in the battle (1918).
Secret police of early Soviet Russia, established by Bolshevicks after radvancement of 1917 to safeguard regime versus dissidents. Criticized for its serious brutality, the firm was rearranged in 1922.
A priboy camp for Lenin"s opponents
Leon Trotsky
Russian revolutionary intellectual and also close adviser to Lenin. Organized Red Military. A leader of the Bolshevik Rdevelopment (1917), he was later on expelled from the Communist Party (1927) and also banished (1929) for his opposition to the authoritarianism of Stalin
Successor to Lenin as head of the USSR; strongly nationalist view of Communism; represented anti-Western strain of Russian tradition; crumelted opposition to his rule; establiburned series of five-year plans to relocation New Economic Policy; promoted agricultural collectivization; led USSR via World War II; enhanced cold war with Western Europe and also the United States; died in 1953.
Prosperous Russian Peasents that - under Stalin - were sent to Labor Camps as punishment for being succesful
The Romanov czar that was required to abdicate(resign) his throne as a result of a collection of mistakes that evenutally cause the Russian Revolution., the last czar of Russia
The Romanov czar who got international respect after beating Napoleon; his time in power was plagued via civil unrest.
Nicholas II wanted to be an royal power, to have a heat water port, and to distract the Russia civilization from their internal trouble. As a result, he combated a battle via Japan over Korea.
Nicholas II shed the war; As a result, Russia shed the majority of of its naval fleet, civil unrest at home boosted, Russia has to remain out of Manchuria and acexpertise Japan"s right to ascendancy Korea.
As a result of bad, unsafe working conditions and also inflation, some employees were fired; others went on strike. 200,000 employees marched peacecompletely to the czar"s winter palace asking for better working condilots, universal sufferage and an end to the Russo-Japanese War (aka: Bloody Sunday).
As an outcome of Bloody Sunday, strikes, uprisings and also mutinies were occuring throughout Russia. To finish the radvancement, Nicholas II agreed to create a Duma and to make reforms for the human being.
Self-prodeclared holy man who claimed to heal the sick and also have actually prophecy. Stopped Nicholas"s bleeding. He had much affect over Tsarina Alexandra and also she often visited him for advise on political issues.
Part among the Russian Revolution; it started through the abdication of Nicholas II; As an outcome, the Duma developed a provisional government under the management of Alexander Kerenskies (aka February Revolution).
A respected member of the Duma and a Soviet; he was favored to be the leader of the provisional federal government that reput Nicholas II.
A momentary government created by the Duma after the abdication of the czar; it made the decision to reprimary in World War One, costing it the support of the soviets and the civilization.
Part 2 of the Russian Revolution; it started when Lenin toppled the provisional federal government and established Russia as a socialist state under the Bolshevik Party (aka: October Revolution).
The slogan supplied by Lenin to win the assistance of the people; Peace appeabrought about the soldiers; Land also appealed to the peasants; and also Bread appeabrought about the employees.
The fight in between the Bolsheviks (Red Army) and also their opponents (White Army); the Bolsheviks won, yet, 15 million Russians were dead, the economic situation remained in damages, profession was at a standstill and also there was a shortage of expert labor.
In response to the failing socialist policies, Lenin established a temporary damage via capitalism; Under the NEP, farmers might sell their excess, people could buy and also offer for profit and some personal ownership of land and business was permitted.

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Stalin"s attempt to modernize the Soviet Union; these collection almost impossible quotas for industrial employees and also farming farmers to meet; As a result of these, the USSR did modernize.

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